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A Happy Real Estate Story!

As you may know, realtors are considered essential services in Ontario because there are still people who have to find or sell homes. In Ottawa, despite the pandemic, the market is even tighter than ever, because there are fewer listings, … Continue reading

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Ask Peggy: What’s my recourse if the previous owners smoked in the ensuite of the house after I purchased their house and before I moved in?

Lots of people have serious smoke sensitivities: I know, I’m one of them. I walk into a house that someone has smoked in and within a few seconds, I can’t breathe. Unfortunately, unless you spelled out the importance to you … Continue reading

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Ask Peggy: My real estate deal didn’t close – what happens to the buyer’s deposit?

So your real estate deal went firm (unconditional) and on closing day, the buyer didn’t advance funds and the deal didn’t go forward. What happens to the deposit? The deposit, under the strict terms of the Agreement of Purchase and … Continue reading

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The Final Walkthrough

Most offers allow the buyer an opportunity to walk through the property at least once before closing. This is  a term that is negotiated in the offer and must be agreed to by the seller. I’ve seen as many as … Continue reading

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Passing up Good Deals for the Wrong Reasons

One of the mistakes I find buyers often make is passing up on good deals because they wonder why, if the price is so good, no one else has bought the property, and think there must be something wrong with it. In a hot … Continue reading

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Who pays a realtor’s commission and what’s it for?

I am often asked by buyers and sellers, who pays your commission and how much is it? The answer it is,  the seller pays. If you are a buyer, you do not pay any commission at all. In Ottawa, the … Continue reading

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