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Ask Peggy: What’s my recourse if the previous owners smoked in the ensuite of the house after I purchased their house and before I moved in?

Lots of people have serious smoke sensitivities: I know, I’m one of them. I walk into a house that someone has smoked in and within a few seconds, I can’t breathe. Unfortunately, unless you spelled out the importance to you … Continue reading

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Power of Sale – is there a duty to disclose latent defects?

For the third time in the past few months, I’ve seen a certain row unit be conditionally sold and then pop back on the market. It’s a power of sale, meaning the financial institution that held the owner’s mortgage wasn’t … Continue reading

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Bully Offers – what are they? What are the rules around them?

The Toronto Star has just published a story about “bully” offers. The article indicates that listing agents whose clients accept them could end up paying hefty fines if they don’t play by the rules. So what is a bully offer and … Continue reading

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New Mortgage Rules – and how they affect buyers

This just in from Cathy Macdonald, an Ottawa mortgage broker, about the effect of the today’s rule changes on buyers:   Significant Mortgage Qualifying Changes Announced Today Do you have buyers who are pre-approved and planning to buy at or … Continue reading

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The Final Walkthrough

Most offers allow the buyer an opportunity to walk through the property at least once before closing. This is  a term that is negotiated in the offer and must be agreed to by the seller. I’ve seen as many as … Continue reading

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My buyer has cold feet.

I got the idea for this blog post from a search thread that lead someone to Kiss and Sell that said:”My buyer has cold feet.” Ahh, yes. Cold feet. They seem to afflict every buyer at some point along the … Continue reading

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