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Renovating an investment condo – Day #14 – an unexpected and stressful delay!

Things were coming along great with my investment condo and then on Sunday, I let my little spaniel buddy out in the back yard and he came back in with his legs looking a little stiff. I thought maybe it … Continue reading

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Moving with a Pet? Here are some tips.

The following is a guest post, contributed by John at Thanks, John! ___________________ Are you a pet owner who is looking for a new home or will be moving to a new one soon? Unfortunately, your moving experience is … Continue reading

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Pets in Condos – Know the rules!

A lot of condos have rules against pets, or rules that restrict the size of pets, or rules about how one has to control their pets. And sometimes, because in most rental situations, renters can’t be prevented from having pets … Continue reading

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Selling a house? What to do with your pets ….

As  a realtor, I view a lot of homes that have pets. Rabbits, dogs, cats, kittens, fish, parrots, geckos, snakes: you name it. The one thing I think all these creatures share in common is that they’re territorial, and they … Continue reading

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There are ducks in the bathroom.

I blogged earlier about the rules concerning pets in condos. Today, I came across this blog by the very brilliant David Thorne. It contains an exchange of correspondence that begins like this: _______________ Dear Helen,  Thank you for your letter concerning … Continue reading

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Pets in Ontario condos

Sometimes a prospective buyer or renter looking at a condo will mention that they have pets. They’ve often heard that the Residential Tenancies Act prevents landlords from having “no-pet” clauses in leases (s. 14 makes these void). They assume it’s the same … Continue reading

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