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Cracks in the garage floor.

I often see cracks in garage floors; heck, I even have some in my own garage. Most people assume they aren’t a problem, but that’s not always the case. I recently previewed a home for clients that had a giant … Continue reading

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What is an escalation clause?

An escalation clause is a clause put into an offer to buy a property by the buyer that says the buyer will pay “X” more than the best offer received by the seller. It usually contains a cap. Are they … Continue reading

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Staging works! Another example.

I helped a friend get a townhouse ready for renting over the weekend. It’s an older unit in a complex where two other units are also for rent. So the first thing we agreed was that the rent needed to … Continue reading

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Bridge Financing – what is it? Do I need it?

Bridge financing refers to a situation where you have to pay for your new house and you haven’t sold your old one, or where you’ve sold the old one but the closing date falls after the closing date for your new … Continue reading

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I’m buying a new build home – do I really need a realtor?

So you’ve decided to buy a brand new home, built from scratch – how exciting! The builder has a salesperson who seems very knowledgeable and the price is non-negotiable. Is there any reason to have your own realtor? Well, that … Continue reading

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The New Ontario Fair Housing Plan – my thoughts on today’s announcements.

Premier Wynne announced new legislation today to curb housing prices in Toronto. Here are my thoughts: A non-resident speculation tax. Premier Wynne says it will apply only to non-Canadian citizens or residents who don’t live or work in Ontario, and … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Ottawa Real Estate based on my CBC Interview today!#OttawaMorning

I was on CBC  radio’s Ottawa Morning with Hallie Cotnam today to talk about the Ottawa real estate market and the proposed (as yet unknown changes) to be introduced in the April 27 budget. (Here’s a link to that interview!) … Continue reading

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