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Christmas gifts for your beer-loving #Ottawa buddies!

I have a friend who really likes beer and I was trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas. I turned to my friends on social media, and as always, there were tons of great suggestions. These were … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Sock it to Christmas – prizes!

Our bins are now out at several locations for sock donations: we have two at the Royal LePage Team Realty office at  # 200, 1335 Carling, one on the main level and one on the second level. We have a … Continue reading

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Sock it to Christmas!

It’s that time of year again, and despite the fact that I’m still in a walking cast, thanks to a fractured ankle and torn ligaments (I fell off the front step during a showing), I’ve decided to do the Christmas … Continue reading

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The home inspector found things that are wrong – as buyers, what do we do?

Okay, so you put an offer in on a new home – congratulations! One of the terms of the offer, or as we call it, a condition of sale, was that you would have a home inspection. The standard clause … Continue reading

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Help – the bank wants to sell my home under a Power of Sale. Is there any way to keep my house and/or my credit rating?

A Power of Sale is where a bank or lender has evicted the occupants of a home for failing to pay off their mortgage (often referred to as “defaulting” on their mortgage payments) and are now taking steps to sell … Continue reading

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How far will a realtor go to get a deal? This realtor kept working on an offer even after she broke her ankle!

How’s that for clickbait, LOL! (I’ve always wanted to start a blog post with one of those, “you’ll never believe what happened!” ledes — finally  I get to use one!) Anyway, I was showing some first time buyers a property … Continue reading

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My Latest Blooper Column: Watch out for exploding windows!

I have stopped writing my regular blooper column for REM, but it seems my eye for catching bloopers is still there and my fellow realtors never disappoint!  This late summer/early fall batch of bloopers begins with a chill in the air … Continue reading

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