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Moving to the Country (Part 3) – Well, Water treatment and Septic

Now that I am in the process of moving out to the country from the city, I’ve had to learn a lot about wells, water treatment systems, and septic systems because these properties are not hooked up to municipal water … Continue reading

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Moving to the country? Useful tips Part 2 (Garbage Pick up/Hydro/Propane)

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve bought a property in the country and am having to get up to speed on how to get utilities hooked up, among other things. It’s been a challenge! Hydro. Ottawa Hydro doesn’t extend … Continue reading

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Moving to the country? Useful tips Part 1 (Setting up Email/ internet/TV/Phone)

I just bought a country acreage in Ashton and am busy arranging the details of my move. As someone who has lived in the city in the same house since the early 1990s, there’s a lot to think about when … Continue reading

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Why maintain my house if a developer is just going to tear it down anyway?

There is a common misperception out there that if you own an older home in one of the hotter parts of town where there is a lot of development going on , and put it up for sale, it will … Continue reading

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More CMHC rule changes July 1st — bad news for buyers

So, CMHC is once again making it harder for buyers to borrow money. My guess is that this is due to fear of buyers not being able to manage debt because of the pandemic, but it strikes me as a … Continue reading

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Planning a post-pandemic wine cellar? More great wines to consider! (Part 2)

I’m planning what the contents of my post-pandemic wine cellar should look like (can’t hang on to wine long enough right now to cellar it). Yesterday I posted most of the great wines that my Twitter pals recommended but I … Continue reading

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Planning a Wine Cellar? Here are some great wines to consider (Part 1)!

Okay, so  I am planning my post-pandemic wine cellar. I don’t have one currently. I’m going to put in Rosewood’s White Rabbit and Cave Spring’s Dry Riesling, and  Three Dog Winery Doghouse Red. My daughter sent me four bottles of … Continue reading

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What kinds of homes will people want to live in post COVID-19?

I had a Mother’s Day chat with my daughter and we talked about how people may change the way they think about homes when this pandemic is over. For one thing, if you don’t have to do it, who would … Continue reading

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Ottawa’s hot housing market and COVID-19

Always nice to be interviewed by the CBC for an article about the Ottawa real estate market and thanks to Hallie Cotnam for reaching out! Glad my colleagues agree with me that with the extra-tight inventory and a smaller but … Continue reading

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Predictions for the post-COVID-19 housing market! #Ottawa

It is not easy to predict the future; it’s always a lot easier to predict the past. But here are my thoughts about what is going to happen to the Ottawa real estate market, post-COVID. I thought it was worth … Continue reading

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