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Another bathroom reno! This time – MY house!

I’ve bought a country property and love it BUT I didn’t love the acrylic tub liner in the upstairs bathroom. It was framed in and reminded me of a kid’s stage. Since I haven’t moved in yet, this is an … Continue reading

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Wondering where to hang that towel bar? Here’s the answer.

I am often in homes where the towel bar are placed in odd spots, or they’re too high or too low and look strange. Most on-line sources will tell you 48″ is the right height, but honestly, in most cases, … Continue reading

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10 Top Tips to Sell Your House. #5 — replace that wooden toilet seat

Nothing dates a house like a wooden toilet seat. (Well, that, and a toilet seat that is covered in something that looks like a shaggy slipper. If you have a shaggy toilet seat cover, do us all a favour and give … Continue reading

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Updating a bathroom vanity sink? Here’s a handy tip.

I have clients who are getting their home ready to sell, and the sink in their bathroom vanity has a damaged finish. Luckily, it’s one of those drop-in sinks that can be easily replaced. The owner emailed me yesterday to … Continue reading

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Dressing a Bathroom with Tiles and Lighting

Bathroom tiles and lighting to me are like the jewelry and scarves that set off an outfit. You can take exactly the same bathroom when it comes to fixtures and alter it completely in tone and feel by changing up these … Continue reading

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Claw Tubs.

I have been persuaded to look at bathtubs today by Facebook friends who are as smitten with their tubs as I am with toilets. So here are are my favourites — claw tubs. I love claw tubs. The real ones are made of … Continue reading

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Toilets can be beautiful! (And inexpensive.)

Over the next few posts, I’m going to show you how to pull together a bathroom very inexpensively with new fixtures, lighting, and tiles, in different colour schemes. (If I have time, I’ll look at tubs as well.) I confess: … Continue reading

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