Updating a bathroom vanity sink? Here’s a handy tip.

I have clients who are getting their home ready to sell, and the sink in their bathroom vanity has a damaged finish. Luckily, it’s one of those drop-in sinks that can be easily replaced.

The owner emailed me yesterday to say she’d found one online for $233.75 plus taxes. I was sure I could do better than that and headed off to Rona. (One reason I like to shop at Rona is that it offers Royal LePage realtors and their clients a 5% discount on all purchases.)

The sink we wanted to replace was oval, installed when the house was built in the late 1990s. It was 22.5″ by 17″. Unfortunately, I discovered that they don’t make them as wide anymore. You can find a 20″ and a 21″ wide sink but not a 22″ and that was going to be a problem.

Even though there’s a lip around the new drop-ins that gives us a little wiggle room (an additional half-inch), I knew the counter beneath the old sink was going to be stained and discoloured. The bottom of the sink leaves a “tan line”  stain over the years.  Sometimes the rubber ring that goes around the outside of the sink can leave a mark as well, and we don’t want any of that damage showing in the updated bathroom.

The solution? I bought a rectangular sink instead of an oval one. It’s 22″ by 17″ with a slight extension that should cover any marks. I love the design; it’s sleek and contemporary. And no rubber ring — all you need is to run a bead of clear silicone caulking around the edges once it’s installed.

I’m going to use rectangular sinks in all my bathroom updates from now on: they’re gorgeous. Oh, and the cost? Only $ 75.99. (I could have purchased the 21″ oval drop-in if it had fit for around $ 40.)


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2 Responses to Updating a bathroom vanity sink? Here’s a handy tip.

  1. Winn says:

    That’s a GREAT idea … I have just the friend to share it with too!

    I do love your blog!

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