Toilets can be beautiful! (And inexpensive.)

Over the next few posts, I’m going to show you how to pull together a bathroom very inexpensively with new fixtures, lighting, and tiles, in different colour schemes. (If I have time, I’ll look at tubs as well.)

I confess: I love toilets. I think they can be absolutely beautiful in their own right. I am particularly fond of American Standard, which you can find in most big-box and specialty stores, but I also love Kohler.

I think the toilet is actually the focus of any bathroom. It’s often the first fixture you see when  you walk in. And we all use them, right?

Here are some examples of toilets that are gorgeous.  Of the two immediately below, one is priced at only $ 175, the other at $269. And that’s the complete set including seal, tank, and seat. Talk about bargains!

Can you tell which is the lower-priced? Well, the first one is the $ 269 American Standard Cadet. I love its clean, classic lines. But if I was renovating for sale, I’d buy the slightlly lesser-priced Glacier Bay Toilet, which is similar but with a lovely rounded tank, and save a little money to use on something else.

Thinking of something a little sleeker? I can see this inexpensive alternative working well in a more modern bathroom. It’s also by American Standard, at $ 298.

Now, I’ve been looking through Home Depot’s website, and when you compare these toilets to the more expensive ones, I frankly don’t see the benefit to paying more money. Here, for example, is one from Kohler that would fit the same traditional scheme as the ones I’ve already flagged:

It’s called Memoires, and it’s $ 1200. I really like the detailing at the bottom and on the tank cover, but do I love it enough to spend $1,000 more for it? Not so much. 

If you hang around big box stores like Rona and Home Depot, you’ll see packages on sale for even less. Here’s one example I used in a condo I redid for a client last fall when getting ready for  sale. I think it cost all of $ 150.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for something that looks great. Use those savings to splurge on faucets and great touches.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at lighting. I’ll show you some inexpensive options to light up your bathroom and get your home ready for sale.

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1 Response to Toilets can be beautiful! (And inexpensive.)

  1. Winn says:

    And I have 3 Toto toilets in my home and love them. I could have bought a less expensive toilet but back then I determined that the Toto was the way to go. One’s in my ground floor rental and the other two in my place?

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