10 Top Tips to Sell Your House. #5 — replace that wooden toilet seat

Nothing dates a house like a wooden toilet seat. (Well, that, and a toilet seat that is covered in something that looks like a shaggy slipper. If you have a shaggy toilet seat cover, do us all a favour and give it a decent burial. I hope I don’t have to mention that you should never, ever have shag carpet –or any wall to wall carpet– in your bathroom; it’s disgusting. Yechh.)

A new toilet seat  will run you anywhere from $ 30 to around $ 100. They come in all styles and shapes; you can even get slow close toilet lids. It doesn’t matter which one you get as long as it matches the shape of the bowl and the colour of the toilet.

I had a client who put a white toilet seat on a grey toilet: believe me, I noticed. I found him a new one at Rona that matched perfectly for $ 45, including HST. American Standard sells toilet seats for all of its toilets including some of the discontinued ones too; you can find them here.But if your toilet is one of those weird colours that can’t easily be matched, you can find even discontinued toilet seats online in every conceivable colour for around $ 70 plus shipping.

Maybe you don’t care if your toilet seats don’t match, but buyers will.

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