Claw Tubs.

I have been persuaded to look at bathtubs today by Facebook friends who are as smitten with their tubs as I am with toilets. So here are are my favourites — claw tubs.

I love claw tubs. The real ones are made of heavy cast iron, and weigh several hundred pounds. Tradesmen hate to carry them upstairs, but you can buy them for a song. Check out Kijiji and Craigslist. They are often available for a few hundred bucks or less.

If they are scratched or rusted, not to worry — they can easily be re-glazed. I used Rideau Bathtubs to reglaze my old tubs and couldn’t be happier with the results. (And I’ve had these tubs now for at least 15 years.) Just be careful when cleaning them. There is only one product I’ve found that won’t damage the finish and that’s Vim (the spray).

Here’s the one in my Westboro home. It has those lovely Victorian claw feet I associate with these tubs.

What I love about these old tubs is they hold in the heat and they have lovely sloped backs so they are extremely comfortable. I have one in my cottage, too, but because the bathroom there is very narrow, I found a four foot long claw tub to fit the space. It has different feet but I love it just as much as the other one.

Home Depot carries various knockoffs of the claw tub. Here’s one similar to mine, also made of cast iron, but it costs $ 2,161.00, without the faucet or fittings, so you can see why I prefer to look for the vintage style. (Sorry, I can’t seem to get that as anything more than a thumbnail, but you get the picture.)

Home Depot carries others made of acrylic. This gorgeous tub with nickel feet (again, without any faucets or fixtures)  is approximately $ 1300. Isn’t it lovely?

And if you’re a bargain hunter like I am, this one is only $ 689.

So as you can see, you can find a range of claw tubs to fit almost any budget. (And if you choose to go with an acrylic tub, your tradesmen will love you!)

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1 Response to Claw Tubs.

  1. Thanks, Peggy. I once rented a place that had a super loooooong claw tub bath, so that I couldn’t reach my feet to the end, and had to float in it. I loved it.

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