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Tips for renting your home!

If you have to rent your home, or have decided to buy and rent an investment property, it can be a bit daunting. Ontario laws are friendly to tenants; it can be hard to get rid of someone once they’ve … Continue reading

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Should I wait to sell until my tenant moves out?

I often get asked: should I wait to sell until my tenant moves out? In a word, yes, if you can, for example where the tenant has already given notice to vacate so that the property will be vacant soon. … Continue reading

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Pets in Ontario condos

Sometimes a prospective buyer or renter looking at a condo will mention that they have pets. They’ve often heard that the Residential Tenancies Act prevents landlords from having “no-pet” clauses in leases (s. 14 makes these void). They assume it’s the same … Continue reading

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