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Lovely surprise!

How nice to come back from a week at the lake and find this waiting in my inbox – it’s always great to have happy clients! Thanks, Dilia and Gilles! We recently purchased an investment property in Mckellar Heights. Our … Continue reading

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This zany business of real estate.

I have clients in another country; it’s six hours later there than it is here, which makes communicating with them difficult at times. They’re moving to Ottawa this summer and planned to come to look at homes themselves, but weren’t … Continue reading

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Realtor Myth #5: The Upsell

I read this crazy MoneySense article this week called Tricks Realtors Use to Sell Homes that really had me annoyed. I’ve been debunking it all week in my previous posts, but here’s another example of a sweeping over-generalization: Almost every … Continue reading

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Debunking Realtor Myth #2: Staggered Bids

MoneySense has an article called Tricks Realtors Use to Sell Homes that contains a lot of misleading and unsupported information. My last blog post dealt with the rather idiotic suggestion that two realtors would conspire to arrange showings at the same time to put … Continue reading

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Lowball offers — good idea or way to lose a deal?

We’re in a slow market in Ottawa; prices are  down, it’s taking longer to sell properties. In a hot market, you don’t see a lot of lowball offers but in a market like this, buyers sometimes come in with a lowball … Continue reading

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My new column in Real Estate Magazine!

I’ll be writing a regular guest column for REM Magazine (which is available both online and in print all across Canada) on real estate bloopers! Here’s the first one, published April 13. My favourite? “Condo fees include snot removal.” If … Continue reading

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Real estate bloopers

Every now and then I come across a listing that might not have been quite as carefully crafted as the agent might have liked. Here are some recent finds: “The reno’d kitchen offers a large butler’s style panty prep space.” I’m … Continue reading

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