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How does the mortgage stress test affect first time buyers?

I am working with a first time buyer right now, and I admit, I was a little startled when she told me that if she proceeded with a condo offer on the modest condo we were looking at (600 sq … Continue reading

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Passing up Good Deals for the Wrong Reasons

One of the mistakes I find buyers often make is passing up on good deals because they wonder why, if the price is so good, no one else has bought the property, and think there must be something wrong with it. In a hot … Continue reading

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The new CMHC rules for guarantors are totally nuts.

In May of this year, I had clients looking to buy a property for their adult children. They wanted to buy a house where the children would have title registered in their names but the parents would guarantee the mortgage. That way, … Continue reading

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What First Time Condo Buyers want to know ….

I had a chat with my daughter, Jade, today about the kinds of things a first-time buyer wants to know about condos. And all of her questions, not surprisingly, related to costs. What are condo fees exactly? she asked. Why … Continue reading

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Ottawa Citizen Article on First Time Buyers

Nice story in the Ottawa Citizen (August 10, online) about first time buyers and their often unreasonably high expectations. And very nice of Patrick Langston to quote me! http://www.canada.com/homes/High+expectations/7071191/story.html

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Lovely news! My own show!

I met with a producer at Rogers Cable TV in Ottawa today and it looks like I’ll be hosting a show on real estate, starting in October! This will be so much fun — we talked about setting it up … Continue reading

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First Time Buyers – Getting Your House (Search) in Order

If you’re a first time buyer, there are some things you really need to do to be well-prepared for your search. 1.     First of all, get yourself a good realtor. This should be someone you trust; someone who will take the … Continue reading

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