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Passing up Good Deals for the Wrong Reasons

One of the mistakes I find buyers often make is passing up on good deals because they wonder why, if the price is so good, no one else has bought the property, and think there must be something wrong with it. In a hot … Continue reading

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At the end of the day, it’s always about price.

I’ve often said that a well-priced, well-presented home will sell regardless of the market. The key part of that equation, though, is price. And when a market is slumping, it’s hard to know what an appropriate price is because the … Continue reading

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Days on market – what it means and how it’s changing

Days on Market (DOM) indicates the average time it takes a property to sell in a given area. If your property is listed on MLS, the “days on market” figure appears on the bottom right hand side of the listing once the property … Continue reading

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Reducing a Listing Price

If a property has been on the market for longer than average, or if the vendors want to sell it more quickly, sometimes they’ll try reducing the price. That’s not the only option, of course: staging can help sell a … Continue reading

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