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Can I get out of a Buyer’s Representation Agreement?

The Buyer’s Representation Agreement (BRA) is the contract between buyer and brokerage that sets out the duties of each while the buyer looks for a property. Once the buyer decides to make an offer, a BRA must be signed under REBBA … Continue reading

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Realtors told to determine whether clients are financing terrorists

As realtors, we have to look at clients’ picture ID and complete forms (called FINTRAC) which are used to detect money-laundering activities. I have no problems with that, and have filled out those forms for years.  It wasn’t that many … Continue reading

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What really happens when you get an offer on your home

So you’ve just got a call from your agent to say, “good news! We have an offer.” If you watch Property Guys, Drew and Jon show up at the door, tell the owners that they have a great offer just … Continue reading

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Lockboxes and realtors ….

I think most realtors would agree that keys are the bane of our existence. They often don’t work, they stick, they break — you name it. And nothing is more embarrassing than fiddling with a key in front of a client, or … Continue reading

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Pricing your home for sale (FSBOs)

I am looking for an investment property right now, and I met two “For Sale by Owners” this week (we call them Fizzbos in the trade, from FSBO). Both were very nice couples. Both have properties that have been on the market … Continue reading

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Ethics and communicating with realtor-friends

Every realtor I know has friends who’ve chosen to go with other realtors when the time came to sell their house. It’s always a little disappointing to hear that kind of news, but it’s absolutely the choice of sellers to pick who … Continue reading

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What does a realtor actually do for all that money?

A lot of people (including some of my friends) think that realtors make a lot of money, that we don’t earn our commissions and that our commissions are way too high. Before I became a realtor, I probably thought that … Continue reading

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