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Help – the bank wants to sell my home under a Power of Sale. Is there any way to keep my house and/or my credit rating?

A Power of Sale is where a bank or lender has evicted the occupants of a home for failing to pay off their mortgage (often referred to as “defaulting” on their mortgage payments) and are now taking steps to sell … Continue reading

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Power of Sale – is there a duty to disclose latent defects?

For the third time in the past few months, I’ve seen a certain row unit be conditionally sold and then pop back on the market. It’s a power of sale, meaning the financial institution that held the owner’s mortgage wasn’t … Continue reading

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Difference between Power of Sale and Power of Attorney — it’s not that confusing!

I have a new listing where the seller is a financial institution acting under a Power of Attorney. Even the seasoned realtors who have called me about it have misunderstood what that means and confused a Power of Attorney with … Continue reading

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