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The New Ontario Fair Housing Plan – my thoughts on today’s announcements.

Premier Wynne announced new legislation today to curb housing prices in Toronto. Here are my thoughts: A non-resident speculation tax. Premier Wynne says it will apply only to non-Canadian citizens or residents who don’t live or work in Ontario, and … Continue reading

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What your agent does in a multiple offer situation

A lot of people wonder what we do to earn our commissions in a multiple offer situation; after all, the property has sold quickly, often without even an Open House. Here’s a brief summary of what goes on the day … Continue reading

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Agents double-ending: My thoughts on the CBC Marketplace investigation.

CBC Marketplace is airing a program where six of the ten realtors they videotaped with hidden cameras broke ethical rules. They were listing agents, acting for the seller. In each case, they offered to give buyers information about what offers … Continue reading

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Realtor Myth # 6: That realtors thwart other realtors to “double-dip”

I read an annoying article in MoneySense last week called Tricks Realtors Use to Sell Homes. My previous five blog posts debunked some of the misinformation and unfounded accusations contained in it.   In this final post,  I respond to the writer’s … Continue reading

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Can a realtor refuse to double-end a deal?

I recently received this email from someone who follows my blog: I’m faced with a situation whereby I submitted an offer to a selling agent. Documents accompanying my offer include 1) Form 310: Buyer Customer Service Agreement, 2) Form 810: Working … Continue reading

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Can I get out of a Buyer’s Representation Agreement?

The Buyer’s Representation Agreement (BRA) is the contract between buyer and brokerage that sets out the duties of each while the buyer looks for a property. Once the buyer decides to make an offer, a BRA must be signed under REBBA … Continue reading

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