Renovating my investment condo: Day 9!

Well, the stipple is all gone from the ceilings and they’ve been primed, and today, they got a first coat of paint.  Geoff Fandrick from Ontario Stipple Removal came back on the weekend to repair a couple of small cracks that had materialized, seemingly out of nowhere; he taped them, sanded  and primed them so we were ready to go today.

Alex Martinez and the painter he works with, Nelson, were there all day today. Nelson was painting the ceiling today,  although he also got a first coat up on most of the walls, while Alex was ripping out tiles. (Funny story here: Alex was working at the condo alone on Friday and he went out on the balcony for some fresh air, and locked himself out. He ended up jumping from the balcony to the ground. Thank God it’s a second floor unit! I’m glad he has someone with him now, in case it happens again.)

Here’s a picture of Alex  (again, I’m still learning how to use this new smartphone so it isn’t terrific; I have yet to figure out resolution). Behind him, however, you can see the first coat of paint has been done in the dining room and that the original pewter colour is gone. So much brighter than that dark colour you can see in the second photograph to his right.

The new colour, Satin Silver, is a Benjamin Moore colour (OC-26) and it is one of the light grey whites, just a couple of shades darker than the baseboards.

I think by using that on the walls, not only will the unit be brighter, but some of the flaws in an older building (like wavy ceilings or walls) will be disguised. We’re using it in all rooms except the master bedroom, which is fine the way it is (it’s a mid-tone beige), but the new colour will go into the walk-in closet, which we are doing a little work to clean up, like removing some weird shelving and providing a stronger support for the hanger bars.

When I got there today, Alex had just put down self-levelling cement in the foyer so I couldn’t get inside right away: he is laying the foyer tile at this very moment. Here it is:

Geoff 2

Another funny story: Alex called me around 4:30 this afternoon in a panic — when he had cleaned the glue off these tiles, it looked like they had been scratched. I rushed over,  but that white hazy look in between the individual tiles is part of their character; he hadn’t damaged them at all. He was pretty relieved to find out!

He’s torn out all the tub surround in the main bathroom as well and as you can see, the tub is full of broken tiles. He will clean up the work site before he leaves and bag all of this, as the other trades (my electrician Mark Dods and plumber Andrew Della Penta) are coming in tomorrow, so I want all of that out of the way.

Burnside - tub.jpg

I bought a new ventless washer and dryer set today from Canadian Appliance (and a big thanks to salesmen Chris Groleau and Alex Polak for getting me such a good set). They will replace this pair, which I’m taking to the cottage. That will get rid of this big vent which right now vents warm air into the bathroom, something I’m not comfortable with at all because if the bathroom fan isn’t on, that moist, hot air can cause a lot of damage.DSCN3113

The new ventless washer and dryer  are Bosch (I bought a five year warranty) and they are little bit deeper at 25″. (The dryer turns steam into condensation and it drains out from a hose at the back into the same drain outlet used by the washing machine.)

In order to make sure we have enough door swing, however,  we have to change the laundry room by moving one corner wall and creating another.  See below. That tiny little square in the left upper corner of the laundry room adds a mere 4 sq ft to the room but  it makes a huge difference!

Tomorrow I should have the new lighting up in all the rooms; baseboard heaters installed; foyer tile  ready for grouting the existing washer and dryer will be out of that laundry room; there should be a new hot water shut off valve and new water lines for the new washer/dryer; the electrical should be almost 100% finished and Nelson will have given everything a second coat of paint. Alex will start building the tiny new wall.

So that’s progress!