My country home – new front door!

So, while there was nothing wrong with the front door and side lites in my new country home, I found the entry a little dark and I had really loved the front door that I had in my old home that brought in tons of light and had lovely leaded glass. The other small problem was that I couldn’t see who was at the door in my new house if someone knocked, and I missed that. I also loved coming home to see my old dog waiting for me through the glass, and while I don’t have a dog right now, I will again someday. 

I had bought the door I loved in my old home from Canadian Comfort and I contacted them to find out if they could do something to fit in this space. Unfortunately, that required them ordering a custom transom because the manufacturer doesn’t make them.

They contacted the manufacturer to get an AutoCad drawing for me, and based on the drawing, I was happy to go ahead with the order. The pandemic delayed things, of course, but it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, it was the coldest day of the year and having a huge hole at the front of your house for several hours wasn’t the best, but they arrived at 9:00 AM and by 2 PM, I had a brand new door. 

And I’m thrilled!  Here’s the old front door, which had the Mission style design in keeping with the overall style of the house.

And here’s the new one. I love the way the rich black colour grounds the space and draws in the eye. 

Here’s a close up so you can see some of the lovely detail (no way to take this picture without my reflection being in it, sorry!)

Here’s the inside view of the old door. (One thing I did do to keep costs down was had Canadian Comfort re-use the existing custom moulding and trim.)

Here’s a shot of Mike from Canadian Comfort installing the new door.

And here’s the new door with installation completed, as seen from the inside.

You can see the difference in the view I get now from the living room, before and after (note that the black “pillow” on the couch is actually the cat, sleeping):

Tons of light, incredible curb appeal — this really is one of the prettiest front entries and front doors imaginable. Now this kind of thing is not for the faint of heart — unlike most of my bargain purchases, this is a big ticket item. But this is my forever home, and I was prepared to splurge. Huge thanks to John, Charles, Chelsea, Mike and Trevor at Canadian Comfort for making it happen! This is the third door I’ve bought from these folks and they have fantastic customer service. Happy to recommend! 

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2 Responses to My country home – new front door!

  1. Alcia says:

    We have this same configuration in our rental home. We also love it as it, as you say, lets in all the sunshine, while giving you a glance as to what is happening outside the door. We will keep this in mind as we search for our next home.

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