My new country home – bedrooms!

I had promised to post up pics of the bedrooms in my new home. Now, the previous owner had lovely taste, so this is just really to show how different people can interpret and decorate the same spaces so they end up being very distinct.

The master bedroom in this home is exquisite. It’s spacious with large windows overlooking the woods. The previous owner picked out a beautiful light fixture and upgraded this custom home to have a wall of beautiful wood panelling. As soon as I saw it, with my old bed falling apart, I knew I would put in bed with a tufted headboard — the room has 9′ ceilings so it can handle the height. I’m all about bedding and mixing it up. I also love to use lots of pillows and neck rolls/shams. 

Here’s the before of the MBR (with its lovely view of the woods outside):

And here’s the after:

I also added a very large armoire as this room has a fairly small walk-in closet and there is no linen closet on the main level. It holds sweaters and towels. (It’s an 1880 Lanark County cupboard I bought at a collector’s auction in Kingston back in the day when I had my antique store — beautiful piece in original condition: I love it.)

More pics of this room and a better shot of that lovely light fixture:

Upstairs, there are two other bedrooms that I’ve set up as guestrooms. Again, there was nothing wrong with these rooms – all I changed upstairs was lighting. In the case of the smaller bedroom, I swapped the light fixture from a flush mount to a semi-flush mount to account for the sloping ceiling.

I used one of my favourite lights: it’s called the Medusa and has multiple arms and crystals. (These lights have been discontinued. I had bought one at Living Lighting six years ago but they couldn’t get one,  so I had to search around. I couldn’t find any on-line except in NYC at an exorbitant cost,  but I happened to be wandering around the Electric Plumbing and Lighting Store in Bell’s Corners and they had one on display so I nabbed it!)

I also decided to put the metal (double-sized) bed against the far wall to provide a little more headspace. I have lived in a house with eaves before and always knocked my head on the ceiling when getting out bed!

Here’s the small bedroom, before:

And here is the small bedroom after:

The larger bedroom, also on the second level (the MBR is on the main level) is the one my daughter and her partner use when they come to visit. I left the light fixture in this room alone, so all I did here was put my own stamp on the furnishings. (This is the only light on this floor that I didn’t change out: I’ll do a blog post on that later).  Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

All of these rooms have wonderful views of the trees and great light, so I’m loving my new home! Next blog post: transforming the living spaces! 

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