Staging a rental unit (mine)!

My lovely tenants of three years decided to move back to New Brunswick and moved out yesterday so I decided to spend the day there today doing touch-ups and staging. The transition strips had become pretty worn and there were a few marks on the hardwood, so I stained those, and painted where needed. Then comes cleaning and the fun part, staging! Here’s a quick before and after of two rooms: the main bathroom (there are two) and the kitchen.

I renovated the main bathroom three years ago and it’s quite lovely in its own right, but doesn’t staging make it look terrific?

Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

One of my main tips: close the toilet lid!!! I also almost always put a vase of roses in a bathroom — I think it’s a lovely, elegant grace note, and how can you go wrong with flowers? 

I also redid much of the kitchen three years ago: it has some custom cupboards and bookcases/shelving now, new pot lights, tile floors etc. I did clean the grout today and use a grout sealer/renewer to freshen it up, glued down some loose quarter round, touched up the MDF cabinet paint. Again, lovely room with wonderful light – but staging brings it to life! Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:

Not shown: some art I hung on the wall, plants in the windows and so on – I’ll post more tomorrow. This is just a very quick post to show you how much staging can do to enhance the good bones your property already has. Thinking of selling? Find out about staging — some realtors (like me) will do light staging for free as part of our service. 

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