Renovations continue – new lighting!

I move into my new house this week and there is a lot of frenzied activity underway to try to get these renovations finished. One thing I made a lot of changes to were the lighting in this house.  The previous owner preferred Mission-style fixtures to go with the Craftsman style and while it was lovely, I tend to like funky lighting, probably because I see so many standard fixtures.  I love mid-century modern, but my tastes are quite eclectic.

So, in some cases I removed potlights and replaced them with fixtures, and in others I removed fixtures and replaced them with potlights. My electrician Mark Dods spent two full days on lighting and will come back again in November to tidy up some loose ends, but here’s the progress we made so far:

Lighting over the fireplace. There are only two lights in the living room, and these were above the fireplace. I wanted something with a bit more heft. Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

Lighting in the MBR ensuite. Before, there was a potlight above the tub. I replaced that with a chandelier:


And here’s the after:

Lighting in the kitchen. There was a large pendant light in the kitchen and three smaller ones over the island and sink. I took out all of them and replaced the smaller pendants with pot lights. I love the new mid-century light that will be over the dining room table! Here’s the before:

And here’s the after (pot lights are down so we can paint the ceiling where there were fixtures before, so I can’t show the room with the lights on, but you get the drift):

Lighting in the hallway.  There was a pot light in the hallway outside the MBR: I replaced it with a crystal light with six arms to tie into the MBR lighting. It’s really lovely (will try to get a better picture later, when everything is done).

There are more lighting changes in the bedrooms, but that will be the subject of another post!

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