Bathroom Renovation – day 27!

Normally, I can get a bathroom done within a week or two but as usual, we ran into some glitches. I realized when I went out to look at the tub that the plumbers had put the shower valve in the wrong spot — it was 72″ when it should have been a minimum of 78″. I also wanted copper pipes not PEC. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I also wanted a different drain overflow than this standard “tombstone” style.

Like most things, it came down to communications. I can’t say enough good things about Jason at GK Plumbing — he took full responsibility for the shower valve and drain overflow and his guys were great after this at contacting me to get approvals.

I’m pretty hands on, which likely most owners aren’t — anyway, like any new relationship, we’ll get better at working together once we figure things out. Patrick and Thomas came out and everything looked great when they were finished! You’ll see that the shower valve is now at 80″, the pipes are copper and the drain overflow is round, which will match the flanges on the shower curtain rod. Much better! 

All of this slowed things down, however, because we had to get the plumbers back out and it meant Alex couldn’t get started on tiling. Once they were done, he got the greenboard and Kerdi down and started tiling, but couldn’t finish because the drywall around the tub needed to be repaired.

For that, I brought in Cedric Poon, who is one of the best drywallers I know, and he has been working around Alex’s schedule. All of which is to say I hope to have this done by this weekend!

I really do love the hexagonal tile. One small problem there too, though: if you look at the tile at the bottom, above the tub, one 12″ square doesn’t match (I’ve marked it with a piece of red tuck tape).

This particular tile comes in two patterns – the Carrara marble swirl and one with faint stripes. Somehow one of the striped tiles got mixed up with the Carrara and it’s so hard to see the difference that Alex installed it. (I almost bought a box of the wrong tile at Home Depot: it was the salesperson who pointed out there were two different patterns, so that was an easy mistake to make.) He’ll fix that when he comes back. 

It was a busy weekend at the house! Thomas Duncan was there, working on an extension to a wall (more on that later) and Mark Dods, my electrician, was installing new lighting for me. He’ll come back this weekend, but here’s a sneak peek of one before and after: the wall sconces above the fireplace. There is no other lighting in the living room, so while these were fine (the owner had lovely taste!), they didn’t provide quite enough light for me.

And I don’t have a TV over the fireplace, but a painting, so I wanted something to complement the art. This is what the sconces looked like when I bought the house — the “before”:

And here’s the “after” ! 

I had a couple of wall sconces I bought about 15 years ago for a condo I’d purchased in Montreal for my daughter while she went to McGill. They are the type that needed to be wired in, so they didn’t work there, but I hung on to them. And I’m glad I did, because they look perfect in this living room!

Ignore all the cards on the mantel and all the items on the bookshelves — I haven’t moved in yet, so I’m   putting stuff wherever I can until my furniture arrives. The crow, the painting and the bowl (which I purchased in Westport) will stay.

I have several book cases coming, so all these items will be curated and put elsewhere. But look at those lights — don’t they look great?

When I have time, I’ll do another blog post on the other lighting changes we’ve made to this house — they are pretty dramatic! And another on the work Thomas has been doing for me — there’s lots going on! 

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