Planning a Wine Cellar? Here are some great wines to consider (Part 1)!

Okay, so  I am planning my post-pandemic wine cellar. I don’t have one currently.

I’m going to put in Rosewood’s White Rabbit and Cave Spring’s Dry Riesling, and  Three Dog Winery Doghouse Red. My daughter sent me four bottles of Rosewood’s wines for Mother’s Day and White Rabbit was amazing — it tastes like honey, which isn’t surprising since this is a beekeeping operation that makes mead. I’ve already ordered four more.

Note that many Ontario wineries, including Rosewood, have free shipping on orders over a certain limit right now so it’s a great time to stock up. Here’s the Rosewood link: they are offering free shipping if you buy four bottles and 10% off!

I’ve always loved Picton’s  Three Dog Wines:  I’ve served, and sold,  their Doghouse Red and White at various fundraisers for animal welfare and they’ve been very generous in supporting those as well.

As for Niagara’s  Cave Spring, their Dry Riesling is available at the LCBO or you can pick up the Riesling at Metro. Both are my favourite whites, served very chilled. They are also offering free delivery right now on purchases of over $ 100.

BUT, a wine cellar needs more than a few labels. I went on Twitter and asked my Twitter pals to help me out and asked: What are your favourite wines? And wow, did I ever get a great response! I’m going to have to do several posts because of the volume: here’s the first one!

Journalist Tina Pittaway @tinapittaway recommended the Familia Zuccardi Vida Organica Mendoza 2019 available through the SAQ  at $ 16.00 and also De Chanceny Cremant De Loire Rose Brut, which is available at the LCBO for $ 19.75.

Lawyer John MacNab @jpmacnab ( John is a fabulous cook; I am always looking in awe at the pictures he posts of  his family meals) recommends “Louis Jadot Beaujolais Village and Chardonnay Killermans Run,  19 Crimes Trius Santa Duc (if you can find it).”

Deb Abbott of Parkdale Food Centre @deborahjoan56 (another amazing cook) responded with a long list of Ontario vineywards: “@RavineVineyard @13thStreetWines @wineaffair @HiddenBench @MegalomaniacJHC @organizedcrimew #DiProfio @back10cellars Just a few of our favourites We usually make a trip a year to stock our cellar.”

I have actually seen Megalomaniac at the LCBO all the time; never thought to pick up a bottle. There is a Riesling under that label at $ 14.95 as well as some reds, including this Cabernet Sauvignon at $ 14.95. Here are links to the vineyards Deb mentioned:

Ravine Vineyard: Most wines look to be in the $ 20-40 range, and that rose looks amazing!

13th Street Winery is in St. Catherines: if you live in the area, they also have bakery and menu items for curbside pick up. And fabulous gift baskets!

@wineaffair is actually the Foreign Affair Winery in Vineland: free shipping right now on orders over $ 100.

Hidden Bench is in Beamsville: free shipping and a small gift if you buy six or more bottles:

Also in Beamsville, the Organized Crime Winery (as a mystery author, I love that!):

And finally, Back 10 Cellars Winery has a wine club with free delivery.

@kelans27 recommended “Rogue’s Lot by Strewn Vineyards in Niagara. It is reasonably priced.” I actually found this wine today at the Metro grocery store and decided to give it a shot: it’s a Cabernet Franc, priced at $ 14.95; you can also pick it up at LCBO.

Fellow realtor Liz Vittorini @rltr recommended Barolo, writing: “It’s a red wine from the Piemonte region of Italy. “It’s the king of grapes and the wine of kings”. I found it at the LCBO for $ 31.95 a bottle, where it was described as “deep and complex.”

Paula “Constantly Cooking” Roy @paulajroy is another fabulous cook: she posts her recipes on Twitter so if you are not following her, you should. She wrote:  “Our house red is Silk and Spice – a Portuguese blend that offers great value.” At 12.95 bottle, I’ll say! Found it at LCBO.

Author Geoff Gander wrote: “@FionaTheCarver and I wholly endorse anything made by Three Dog, but we also suggest Chadsey’s Cairns’ White Horse, Riesling, Gamay Noir, and 3-Point Hitch. Any of Hinterlands’ sparkling wines is perfect.”

I had not heard of By Chadsey’s Cairns before, but they are a Prince Edward County vineyard (like Three Dog). Sadly, from their website, it looks like their winery is for sale,not just their wines: Of course, that’s not sad at all if you are looking for a lifestyle change! Here’s a link for more information:

@CPercySearle provided a long list of her favourites: many of which I also enjoy:

“Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio, Two Oceans from South Africa Sauv Blanc & Pinot Grigio are both good, Mezzacorona Pino Grigio, Stoneleigh Sauv Blanc, Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc, Ruffino Pinot Grigio, Kim Crawford’s Sauv Blanc. These are in my cellar now! Totally depends on your personal taste. I find Two Oceans the fruitiest ever of many but I love a powerful fruit flavour!”

SG ‘wear a mask’ Abbott‏ @Mspundit wrote: “White Cliff Sauvignon blanc is very well priced relative to its quality, so please don’t share this around. Oyster Bay chardonnay is lovely, perfect for guests. note that you want to drink sauvignon relatively fresh.”

Sorry to be a blabbermouth, SG, but yes, White Cliff Sauvignon blanc is VERY well priced. It’s usually $ 14.95 a bottle but right now, it’s on sale at LCBO for $ 12.95! Oyster Bay is a New Zealand winery: you can find their wines at the LCBO too.

@MJPatchouli wrote: “ Love Kim Crawford’s rose, and also was really happy to find Mateus, that popular old Portuguese wine, is available again. It’s delicious, slightly frizzante — a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II!” ( remember drinking Mateus when I was in university years ago: we used to stick a candle in the bottle, the unique shape of which has always made this wine very recognizable!)

@kvallevand agreed that Kim Crawford wines were worth a taste: “Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon are my favourite white and red!” Kim Crawford wines got a lot of votes in my twitter feed: it’s another New Zealand winery, sold through LCBO.

Finally, @elizamil52  wrote that “LCBO has Jost Tidal Bay from Nova Scotia right now. Don’t buy a case, but it’s a great summer wine, add a couple of bottles to the cellar….”

I don’t think I’ve every had a Nova Scotia wine, so that’s one to add to the list for sure! I couldn’t find it on the LCBO list, but I did find out more information about it, right here.

Tomorrow, I’m going to list all the great Niagara wines that my friend Ross Macfarlane shared with me!

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1 Response to Planning a Wine Cellar? Here are some great wines to consider (Part 1)!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jost makes great wines – they started their vineyards in the 1970s, or so. Tidal Bay is good, and so is Four Skins, a red blend with 2 local varietals, and their Marechal Foch. We always buy these when we’re in NS.

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