The Impact of Staging! Before and After shots

I sold a house this week where I had spent over a year with the sellers getting it ready: picking out lights for them and giving them paint colours and so on, and then staging it for the listing. It sold on the same day we had requested offers with multiple offers, so they’re pretty thrilled. They liked the staging so much they asked if I can leave it there for a few days so that they can show their friends how good it looks! I told them I’ll pick it up next week so they can enjoy it over the weekend.

I didn’t take many pictures — I had forgotten my camera so had to rely on my smartphone and a lot of the shots came out blurred and were useless but here are some before and afters. The first shot is the fireplace. That’s my fireplace screen, as they didn’t have one. The colour on the walls is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige.

Here’s the after. Just a few vases and a floral arrangement made a huge difference. I also moved the clock which had been in the centre of the mantle because the arrangement was not going to be symmetrical:



Here’s the before of the dining room. (All furniture belongs to my clients.) I picked out the dining room light for them –they had had a huge oversized chandalier in this space and other non-matching track lights in the kitchen, a different lighting in the hallway- we replaced all the lighting to make it cohesive. This particular light came from Home Depot, and cost around $ 70.

Their lovely little display case was filled with china and figurines – we emptied it out and replaced the items with a few simple pieces. (Less is always more!)

I hung some artwork and put a vase of hydrangeas in the corner, along with my signature bowl of pears. Here are the after shot:

lorraine 7


I also added cushions to the living room furniture and replaced the lamps. That bowl of pears on the DR table and the vase with white roses in the LR is something I do in all my listings; if I don’t put the roses in the LR, I put them in the bathroom. I find they are a lovely grace note, and of course all the art is mine, as well as all the items on the sideboard.

Lorraine 5B

Lorraine 4A

In the master bedroom (and second bedroom, not shown), I bought new bedding for the home owners (they reimbursed me for the quilt, which they will keep; the large shams are mine), replaced the lights at the side of the bed and added art and vases. They painted the room, which had been a Wedgewood Blue, again with the Tapestry Beige and removed dated curtains. I think it looks lovely! (The owner says she really likes the lamps in the living room and the bedroom — they were all from HomeSense at about $ 70 each and I use them a lot.)

Lorraine 18

Then there was my all time favourite decor item: the giant clock (which I use regularly):

Lorraine 16

Finally, when I first saw the house the kitchen had no backspash, and I suggested they get a subway tile backsplash to pull things together. I suggested it be stacked instead of staggered, as that is more contemporary, and they agreed. (I also referred them to a tiler.)

Lorraine 11

Lorraine 12

So as you can see, a few tweaks like new lighting and tiles, and a good staging can work wonders! I don’t charge my clients to loan them my items; I simply ask they take good care of them for me as they need to be pristine and I move them from listing to listing throughout the year.

We always get great feedback on how nice the property looks and how well it shows, so I definitely think it’s worth the time and energy involved on everyone’s part and long before the Ottawa market got super-hot, my staged listings were selling with multiple offers.  The feedback I had on this listing was “shows pride of ownership,” and “shows beautifully!” among others. I tend to agree!






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