Cala Custom Woodworks – and some suggestions for Christmas!

Yes, I know: the Hallowe’en decorations aren’t even up yet and here I am talking about Christmas. But that’s because I ran into a really nice bunch of people in Stittsville making some great products that are perfect for gift giving.

Cala Custom Woodworking does a whole range of things, from custom cabinetry to building porches, to renovations, but they also have a laser cutter that allows them to make amazing 3D puzzles and etched woodwork.

Here’s a little train they had just made today when I dropped by: it’s only around 3″ but it’s lovely — check out the tiny little wreath! (Apparently there will be other cars as well.) Isn’t it charming?

cala 1

These are 3D puzzles – aren’t they amazing? Perfect gifts  any time of year! (I know exactly who I would give that unicorn to!)



Or how about a little Christmas tree? These are about 5″ high, and completely adorable. (They even have one that comes with a tiny little red bird.)

cala 3

And then there are the customized Christmas ornaments. You can have one laser cut with someone’s name, or give them a photograph and look what they can do!

cala 2

They also make charcuterie boards.

cala 8

And finally, on the home renovation front, they have made this gorgeous laminate door – I definitely want one in my next project!

cala 7

This is a very friendly little showroom with lots of wonderful stuff to browse, so drop on by and say hi to Felicia, Paul, Antonio and Kyle!

1564 Stittsville Main Street

Tel: 613-836-8192

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