The impact of Staging: Before and After shots of my new listing

I have a new listing in Laurentianview that needed a little updating to get it ready for sale. We had a very small budget. I decided the money was best invested in a little paint and dry wall repairs (just a wall here and there) and in staging.

I rent furniture and stage properties myself so that my clients aren’t hit with the thousands of dollars it can cost to stage a house. Here, the furniture rental was under $700 and you will see the impact in a moment.  It took me about 10 hours yesterday to get it all done, but I don’t charge my clients for my time: I figure I’m going to get the commission and I enjoy doing it.

The living room had an outdated valance and sheers, but the windows were very high because of the great room/vaulted ceiling. I asked Cedric Poon, my contractor on this one, to remove the valance – we were able to match that wall paint perfectly when the old valance was removed. I bought two new curtain rods from HomeSense ($60 plus HST) for the patio doors and this big window and Cedric used his laser to make sure the height of both matches.

I was super impressed with Wayfair: I ordered 108″ long white sheers with grommets on the weekend and they arrived on Monday.  Cost, including taxes and delivery? Under $ 72. Here’s the before:

sherbourne valance

sherbourne LR before

And here’s the after (that white “buffet” comes from the bedroom set; we took off the mirror):


The dining room had an interesting but dated light fixture. Once again, there was a valance over the windows and also over the patio doors. The dining room also had one very bright blue wall: we painted that out with the same wall colour as on the other walls. I don’t know how I did it because we didn’t know the exact paint colour but it turned out I’d matched it perfectly, so Cedric didn’t have to paint the entire walls. Here are the before shots:

sherbourne light

sherbourne blue wall

sherbourne dining room valance

Here’s the “during” shot, where Dom and Ben from SmartChoice brought in the dinette set for assembly. I wanted the dinette set up so that we knew how low to hang the new light fixture): note the new curtains over the patio doors:

sherbourne DR beforeAnd here’s the after:

sherbourne DR after

The room was totally transformed by that new light. I got it at Rona for around $ 150. The rug is mine — I kept renting it from SmartChoice and finally asked Sylvie how much to buy it; I think it was around $ 150 and I use it all the time. The table and chairs were rented from SmartChoice as part of that overall $ 700 cost I mentioned. The “buffet” is the chest of drawers from one of the rented bedroom sets. The art is mine.


Finally, there were a couple of bedrooms that I wanted to stage as well. One was yellow and one was periwinkle. I think they turned out great!

In the yellow room, I removed old sheers, leaving only the blinds, otherwise, the room is unchanged. All the  soft staging items and lamps are from my store of stuff for staging (I have a storage locker at Dymon), but the beds and end tables in both rooms were rented from SmartChoice:


And in the periwinkle room, I used some great art to tie things together and replaced the old rod pocket sheer curtains with white grommet curtains from my stash of decor items for staging.


So that’s the value of staging! This lovely property will have three Open Houses this weekend (with agents from my office hosting). It’s located at 574 Sherbourne, and is listed for $ 659,900. Drop by and see it in person!

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