Renovating an investment condo: Day 27 – new powder room tiles!

Well, things at the condo had to take a back seat for a week, given my pup’s ruptured disc and the ankle I sprained carrying him in from outside. Damn, this has been a tough winter — five months of brutal! But luckily, Alex, my contractor, has carried on and things are almost finished.

We changed out the lighting in the powder room as the old ballast was on its last legs and the room was very, very dark.


I replaced it with pot lights, one over the sink and one over the toilet. This was more complicated than I thought as we had to completely rebuild the bulk head. But the room was much brighter, and I took the opportunity to swap out the blue paint for the same colour that we used in the laundry room (Sherwin Williams, Rhinestone).

And then, and just when I thought we were ready to wrap things up, the new brighter lighting revealed that toilet had been leaking and that the tiles had some cracks. If you know me at all, you’ll know that kind of thing drives me bonkers, so I went out and bought tiles at Lowes ($1.29/tile) and asked Alex to quote me on a new floor.

When Alex removed the toilet,  he discovered the seal was held in place with plastic bolts, which really isn’t a good idea because those can break so we added  that to the list of fixes.

I didn’t want to remove the pedestal sink, so we tossed around how to proceed, and Alex suggested I tile over the existing tiles.

I’ve only done that a few times: normally, we prefer to remove the tiles down to the plywood, install new plywood and start over. But here, it turned out the existing tiles had been laid over linoleum. To tear all of that up and lay new plywood was going to mean the floor was higher than the bottom of the pedestal for the sink, and cause transition issues. We agreed the simplest solution was to glue down new tiles.

This required Alex to put down a primer first so the glue has something to grip. And of course, I had to find time to get over there to paint the spot behind the toilet (which I did, after these pictures were taken: note the new colour):

Briston flooring 7

Briston flooring 5

While I dealt with my dog, and a crazy week work-wise, Alex started work on the tiles.

briston flooring 4

And here’s where things are at now:


Briston flooring 1

I just spoke to Alex and apparently he just finished grouting (I picked a white grout that matches the white in the tiles) and will do the baseboard quarter round tomorrow. I’ll meet him there at noon to make sure we’re all done, start clearing out the various stuff I have left there, and get some pictures so I can get this listing ready to rent!

Of course, no renovation is ever completely done!  There are a few small kitchen details to address and Chris from R & C Cabinetry will be back on Monday to finish those up.

And I discovered after all our electrical work was done that the front door bell doesn’t work: Mark Dods will swing by when he’s in the area to fix that. And then (I hope!) it will be ready for someone to move in and love!

I’ll post the before and after pics this weekend along with details of my budget and how I made out.


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