Renovating an investment condo – day 8 & 9 – paint! And cleaning up paint!

I went to the condo yesterday hoping to get a coat of paint up in the laundry room before Alex showed up in the afternoon to install quarter round, now that he’s grouted the tile.

I was using his stepladder – it’s one of those long bench style ones where the legs fold out, so I folded out the legs and thought I had done securely. Wrong! As soon as I put the can of paint on it, the leg collapsed and the entire gallon of paint spilled on the freshly grouted floor!

The good thing is that I hadn’t stood on it, because I broke my ankle last fall and the last thing I needed to do was to re-injure it. The bad thing was that we have no hot water in the unit and I had almost no rags. I managed to ladle most of the paint back in the can using a drywall scraper and somehow cleaned the mess up but by then I’d had enough and decided the sun must be over the yardarm somewhere and that a bottle of wine was in order

I went back today in a better mood. Alex had installed the quarter round, so I painted the room, and touched up the baseboards. Here’s the before, with the tank removed, the linoleum gone and new tile flooring:

Briston Friday 7

And here’s the after: tile grouted, new quarter round, and fresh paint: briston Mar 24

I asked Mark Dods, my electrician, to install the blanks on the wall – one was for cable and the other was for telephone. Much brighter, don’t you think? The existing HWT was 12 years old and I’d decided to replace it — once you take the tank out, that’s a great time to redo flooring and paint.

While I was there today, I painted the areas above the various baseboard heaters that were exposed when the new baseboard heaters were installed and turned out to have a lower profile than the old ones. Here’s one of them from downstairs, before, and a similar one from upstairs, after I applied and sanded three coats of mud.


Briston Mar 24 2

Next step will be to caulk the tops: I have the caulking, just ran out of time today.

I was more than a little surprised when someone walked in this afternoon. Turns out it was Brian Barnes from Barnes Protection Services who I was expecting next Thursday or Friday – he had some free time and decided to pop round.

The unit has an alarm  but the previous owner said a tenant installed it and he didn’t know the code. Brian was able to determine that the panel wasn’t locked and he’s reprogrammed it for me and installed my code.

There were some “trouble” zones on the panel that didn’t disappear. He thinks some of the contact sensors were destroyed when the condo corporation installed new patio doors and windows and we doubt we can find the wires. However, it turned out there was a wireless box attached to the alarm panel in the basement, so Brian is going to look at wireless options. Meanwhile, there are motion sensors on both levels so the unit is well-protected.

Always a pleasure working with trades and I really appreciated Brian stopping round to lend a hand on a Sunday. He’ll be back again later in the week with a new battery (the old one works but is low) — he did say he thought the unit was very cute, and since he’s the demographic I’m shooting for as a rental, that was nice to hear!

We will pick up the new HWT tomorrow after work and Alex will install the drywall in the powder room where the fluorescent light used to be. Then Mark can come back to install pot lights and  hook up the HWT. After that, I have to get the plumbers back to reconnect the HWT so we can have hot water, and fingers crossed, I’ll have my new kitchen doors for the end of the week, ready to install . And then, apart from a few odds and ends (curtain rods and blinds and a few miscellaneous items, like closing up the hole left by the plumbers in the laundry closet when they installed the new shower head and faucet), we should be done!

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