Renovating an investment condo – Day 6 & 7 – tile floor and mirrored doors!

I took possession of this condo last week and I’m super happy with how everything is coming together! I wanted to put a mirrored door in the foyer to brighten it up and make it look bigger; also wanted to put one in the second bedroom. MirrorWorks swung by today and installed this beauty in the foyer: here’s the before and here’s the after:

Briston Friday brighter 3

Briston Friday brighter 2

Eric and Brandon were great! The sliding closet door in the foyer was going to butt up against the new baseboard heater; they managed to winkle the installation by 3/4″ which was just enough to get that door to slide into place. (It did expose some rust on the ceramic tile under the previous track; I’ll look into products that will get rid of that).This is Eric working on the closet in the second bedroom. (Brandon didn’t want his picture taken).

Briston Friday 3

And here’s the before and after of that second mirrored door. It really makes the room a lot brighter! They replaced that old dated trim with one that is white and has a slimmer profile. It was $ 1,010.74  to do both sets of doors, excluding taxes, and they not only clean the mirrored doors, they haul away the old ones for you. MirrorWorks is a pleasure to deal with, and their work is always impeccable! (And thanks, Roch, for setting things up for me!)

Briston Friday 5

Briston Friday brighter 1

Alex was busy last night as well (he worked until 11 PM) installing the new tile floor in the laundry room. I bought really nice thick ceramic tiles at a crazy price (93 cents a sq ft at Lowes) – these are 13″ by 13″. So we’re talking about $ 60 worth of tile to do this entire room.

I’m putting in a new HWT so this was an ideal time to remove the old linoleum and put down tile. Alex will grout tonight and I’ll start painting this room on the weekend. I’m thinking a new light will also brighten it up considerably. Right now it’s a stacked washer and dryer, but down the road, I’ll replace that with a side-by-side set – the new HWT will be smaller.



Meanwhile, I’ve been mudding the drywall above the new baseboard heaters (the new ones have a lower profile than the old ones so part of the drywall has been exposed). I will sand and paint those areas tomorrow. The only area that’s a problem is the powder room, as it’s the only room where the seller didn’t leave the name of the paint. I think I can find something close enough that no-one will notice if it’s off a bit.

Definitely making progress!



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