Renovating an investment condo – Day 5 -new lighting, baseboard heaters, and plumbing!

Mark Dods, my electrician, installed new baseboard heaters yesterday. Unfortunately, they are not the same profile as the old ones, meaning there is some drywall exposed,  so I’ll have to do some drywall repairs which I hope to get to tomorrow. The new lighting he installed looks fabulous though: I put in the same spider light I’ve used in my two previous investment condo renovations. And I do mean the exact same light!


When I sold my first investment condo, the buyer decided to swap out the light and sold the spider light back to me. I put it into my next investment condo, and after I rented it, my tenants asked if I could find another light for them because it didn’t work with their decor. (I took them to Home Depot and let them pick out a new light; they were right, the light is fabulous but it just didn’t work with their stuff, and I want happy tenants for sure!). So this is the third time I’ve installed this very same light in an investment property: third time’s a charm!

Anyway, here’s the before with the old light and tracklights:

briston 7

And here is the after with the new lighting! Along with installing the spider light, we replaced the two tracklights in this room with a couple of 5″ pot light on dimmers:


Doesn’t that look great? I’ll have to adjust the arms a little bit to even them up, but this is my favourite light ever. It was a splurge, but I always allow myself a couple of splurges in a reno, even when I’m working with a small budget.  (It was about $ 450 at Living Lighting.)

Again, here’s the before and here’s the after: you can see how the square light shade blocked off light and the tracklight was in conflict with the DR light (and way too close):

briston 10


Now the whole room looks more open.

I also put in a ribbon light in the foyer. Ribbon lights are my favourite, around $ 90 at Lowes for brushed nickel or $185 at Living Lighting in chrome, same manufacturer. (That closet door in the foyer by the window will be swapped out for a mirrored one on Friday morning by MirrorWorks. Talk about fast – they did the measurements yesterday!)


The plumbers (Andrew Della Penta from Penting Plumbing) got to work yesterday too. I wanted to remove this old showerhead and mixing valve and faucet in the main bathroom and  replace them with a new set as they were pretty dated.


To do so, however, the plumbers had to cut a hole through the linen closet wall to get access, which will be another drywall repair tomorrow. DSCN3566

However, I’m loving the new set, which really modernizes that bathroom with a rainhead shower. The tub surround was in good shape, so I didn’t want to replace the tiles, just give it a quick update. I’ll be installing a metal shower rod as well:


The plumbers also disconnected the washer/dryer and HWT, which will be replaced with a new HWT. My contractor, Alex,  plans to go over tomorrow and remove those items and tile the floor; I’ll start painting that room as well.

Mark removed the old ballast in the very dark upstairs powder room, so we’ll fix that drywall hole and he’ll cut in a couple of pot lights on a dimmer which will really brighten up the room. Luckily, because the hole is in the ceiling, I don’t have to worry about matching paint, although when he took out the baseboard, again, it left an exposed area that needs to be repainted and this is the one room where I don’t know the paint colour used by the previous owner.


So by this weekend, almost everything will be done except hanging curtains, blinds etc., and installing the cabinet door replacements — we had hoped to have the new kitchen and vanity cabinet doors this week but they are still under manufacture.

Joe at Swedish Door Co. says our best bet is late next week, but that’s still pretty good, to complete a little reno like this in under two weeks! I only took possession last Friday!


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