Renovating an investment condo – day 4 -grout and electrical!

Things are a little delayed: Mark Dods, my electrician, had to leave early yesterday because he and his wife are expecting (so exciting!) and they had an appointment lined up; my cabinet doors are delayed (still waiting on an ETA there) and this morning, Alex’s son developed appendicitis, so he’s going to be tied up with family matters. Poor kid: that’s painful and I know how terrifying it is when your child needs surgery. Fingers crossed all goes well.

All that aside, I’m happy with the progress we’re making. Alex finished installing the hexagonal tiles last night and grouted; super happy I decided to go with a gray grout instead of white. Those tiles are so pretty, I wanted to show off the design.

Here’s the before and after: note that the metal edge that really bugged me is now gone.

briston alex 1


briston - hexagon 4

Here’s another shot of that gorgeous tile:

Briston - hexagon 1

Mark is there today, finishing up the electrical.

That track light above the fireplace is now gone, and Mark will be installing pot lights. Here’s the before and after (or more correctly, the before and “during” — the new lights will go up today):


MirrorWorks was also by to take measurements: I am replacing the sliding doors in the second bedroom and the foyer with mirrored doors. And the plumbers will be there today to disconnect the HWT, install new shower fixtures, and upgrade some shut valves. It’s coming!

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