Renovating an investment condo on a small budget – day 2 – door knobs!

So yesterday Alex began putting up the backsplash in the kitchen – when I popped round today he was finished. I decided I liked the look of the hexagonal tiles so much that I didn’t want to use white grout after all, and now I’m looking at greys so that we can see those shapes. I have to make up my mind tomorrow which is when Alex will finish.

Since Alex doesn’t work on Sundays, I decided to take on a small task in the condo alone today – changing door knobs. I’ve never done it before, but it turned out it’s surprisingly simple!

All the interior door knobs in the unit were brass (sorry they’re blurry; that’s kind of how I feel today too!). And now they are brushed nickel!  These are from the Saturn series by Defiant – about $ 15/knob at Home Depot. I got lockable one for the MBR and both bathrooms.  I remember using a client’s powder room when a visiting toddler pushed through the door and demanded to know what I was doing. Now I see the utility of locks for sure (that was mortifying).


The first one I installed  took me me a while — about 20 minutes to figure out how things fit together and after that, they were easy and much faster !

I was missing one for the laundry room so I ran back to Home Depot to get one. While I was there, I picked up a blind for the MBR  (more on that later) and a curtain rod for the living room, along with some different colours of grout both there and at Lowes, so that I can make a good decision tomorrow about the backsplash.

It’s surprising how much of a difference it makes to a property when you simply update door knobs! At just over $ 100,  I consider that a very good investment.

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