There’s still time to donate! And look at this wonderful donation from Welch LLP! #SockittoChristmas

There is a friendly competition in my office between realtors: Bill Edelson has donated 80 pairs of socks as has Joanne Batchelor, and I’ve said whoever donates the most socks will get a book of car wash tickets donated by Island Park Esso (thanks, John Newcombe!). But yesterday the ante was raised considerable when Welch LLP donated 100 pairs of socks, topped off by 56 pairs and five blankets donated by Mark’s Work Warehouse!

Mark’s Work Warehouse was wonderful: they offered Welch LLP a discount on the socks and then scoured their warehouse to see what else they could come up with. Here’s a picture of all these giving folks from Welch LLP and Mark’s Work Warehouse.

socks Welch LLP

(Back row, in Santa hat, Brigitte Lacroix, Mark’s Work Warehouse and Ms. Stephanie Burch. Front row, Welch employee (?),  Peggy Blair, and Sean Yip Choy, Mark’s Work Warehouse)

Kelly Patrick, a Twitter pal, was the catalyst behind this donation. She writes:

“It all started over dinner and a conversation about privilege.  Stephanie Burch, daughter of Mike and Marianna Burch, Welch LLP, was asked what local issue needing support would she focus on if she had $100,000 dollars to donate. Her immediate response was the homeless.  Stephanie said she is amazed that such a wealthy city, in a rich country as ours, could have so many homeless people.

“Conversation quickly turned to Sock it to Christmas, a local initiative established by Peggy Blair and shared over Twitter, about helping the homeless with one thing we all take for granted, socks.  On the spot, Mike pledged 100 pairs of socks to Sock it to Christmas, to close off Welch’s 100 anniversary year as one of Ottawa’s top accounting firms.

“Finding 100 pairs of socks in stock wasn’t easy.  One call to Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Sean Yip Choy on the other end of the phone and within two days, and Brigette’s stealth thinking, 156 pairs of socks and five blankets were donated.

“All it took was concern from a passionate university student, one extremely empathetic employee on the end of a call, Welch’s commitment to community, and the rest is history.  For this year at least!”

Thanks very much to Stephanie, Kelly, Mike Burch and the good folks at Mark’s Work Warehouse. That donation was so big I had to make up another bin!

It’s not too late to drop off your sock donations, but we will start bringing in our bins tomorrow morning for Thursday’s draw at 4 PM. We have bins at Freshii Westboro, Churchill Senior Recreation Centre, Catherine McKenna’s constituency office on Catherine, and my office at 1335 Carling, Unit 200. There is also a bin at Royal LePage Team Realty’s Barrhaven office. If you donate socks to our Royal LePage Team Realty Carling office, we’ll enter your name in a draw for great prizes!

Help us Sock it to Christmas! And thanks again, Welch LLP and Mark’s Work Warehouse – great community spirit!

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