How far will a realtor go to get a deal? This realtor kept working on an offer even after she broke her ankle!

How’s that for clickbait, LOL! (I’ve always wanted to start a blog post with one of those, “you’ll never believe what happened!” ledes — finally  I get to use one!)

Anyway, I was showing some first time buyers a property on Friday night. I knew they would love the property as soon as I saw the listing, and I’d spent all day getting ready for them to put in an offer: I had a draft offer ready, had talked to the listing agent, had checked the survey, etc. I KNEW they were going to love it and they did.

I rushed them over to see it after they finished work so it was a little dark out. It was a beautiful house, immaculately maintained, and they loved it the moment they walked in. I knew we had to get an offer in quickly as there had been other showings already, and it was listed at a price where I was sure there would be other interested parties. So they jumped in the car while I put the key back in the lockbox.

The front step to this property looks like a deck and the way the boards were configured, from my vantage point, it looked like one level. So I stepped onto what I thought was solid ground to find it wasn’t.  As soon as I hit the ground, I knew I was badly hurt.

I limped over to the car and told my clients (and their parents, who were with us) that I’d fallen. Luckily, they hadn’t noticed, so at least I was spared that humiliation, but by the time we got to  my office to do up the offer, my foot had swollen up like a balloon.

I called the other agent to say we would be putting in an offer, and she said she’d just received one, meaning we were in a multiple offer situation. (My clients kept offering to take me to Emergency, and I was like “No!” (teeth gritted), “We’re going to get you this house.”

I limped around at the office scanning and emailing pages; by then, it really hurt.

I told the other agent I’d fallen down and joked I wouldn’t sue her clients if her clients accepted my buyers’ offer. My client’s mother was kind enough to run home and get me an ice pack, but I didn’t have time to apply it until we headed off to a local pub to wait for the seller’s response; that’s when I realized I couldn’t take my shoe off. I hadn’t eaten all day and by then I was getting shaky, but looking back, I now know that I was actually in shock.

We ended up at my place to wait for  the counter-offer (by then the Carling office was closed) and my foot looked like this:


I’m very happy to say my buyers got the property (and I was as thrilled as they were). As soon as they left my home, I packed on more ice and tried to sleep, but it was impossible – I was in too much pain. By then, my foot looked like this and I was starting to suspect a fracture.

ankle 2

So I got up, because I couldn’t sleep anyway, got myself dressed and drove myself to the Perth Smiths Falls hospital’s Emergency room. It’s 45 minutes away but I knew a small Emergency department would be able to see me sooner that I’d get seen in Ottawa, and sure enough, at 5:30 AM, I was the only person there.

The emergency doctor was great. She said I had torn at least two ligaments and she suspected a fracture as well. X-rays confirmed that the tendon had torn away from the bone, taking a bone chip with it. She prescribed a walking cast and referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. She told me to use lots of ice and elevation, and told me to stay off the foot as much as I could. I came back to Ottawa and purchased the walking cast, and went to bed for close to 15 hours. So, it’s a bit of a pain for sure.

But the good news (and there was a lot of it) was:

1) My buyers got the house! There is no way that would have happened if I’d gone to Emergency instead of doing my job. And they are so happy! I’m thrilled for them.

2) The listing agent and I had a real bonding moment over this. We had lots of back and forth (she was so kind, offered to help, even volunteered her Curling Club if I needed anything). Even though we didn’t know each other before, I have a sense we’re going to end up being really good friends. We’ve already made plans to have coffee.

3) It could have been much worse; it’s a small fracture, and it will heal. The torn ligaments are painful, but hardly fatal. I know lots of people with mobility issues whose problems will never get better; mine will. And this will give me a first hand look at how they navigate those issues (I’m already finding out how hard stairs are to climb when you can’t put your weight on one foot). All of this will make a better realtor.

4) I had so many wonderful offers of help from my pals on social media, especially Twitter. They offered to pick up wine for me, lend me crutches, walk the dog etc. which was fabulous. It was pretty amazing, actually — I’m so grateful to the really lovely people who follow me on Twitter and the great friendships I’ve made because of it.

And finally, 5) now my buyers know to put some reflective tape or something on the edge of that deck so no-one else falls and gets hurt. Better me than them. Seriously.

So it’s all good, just a little inconvenient. I was really sorry to miss the Hallowe’en party I had planned to go to last night. I’d spent a lot of time on this damn parrot ( you can guess the costume).parrot

But I plan to wear it to the office this week, and I told the listing agent I would leave the gingerbread cookies I’d made for the party at her seller’s home the next time I’m there, so she and her clients can enjoy them. So really, it’s all good!



Update: this is me, Day #4. Swelling is worse and so is the discolouration. Now I’m thinking I really should dress up as The Walking Dead!

ankle day 4 3




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