Three current decorating trends to avoid!

I do a lot of renovations each  year, helping clients get their homes ready for sale, so I am always seeing homes that are dated and homes that are timeless. Here are some of my thoughts on current trends that I think will date your homes very quickly.

Glass strip mosaic tile backsplashes.  I’m already seeing glass mosaic tile backplashes that look dated. Be careful with this one: there are some glass mosaic tiles that will look good ten years from now but those narrow strip mixes of glass and coloured tiles really date your house. trend 1


Blue kitchen cupboards. Cabinets are big investments. Stick with neutrals or you’ll find yourself paying to have them re-painted in a couple of years. If you really want that pop of colour, put it on an island, not on all your cabinets. It will have a more timeless quality and if you do decide to switch it out down the road, it will be a lot less expensive!

trend 5


Giant hexagonal tiles. Don’t get me wrong; I love hexagonal tiles. In an entry way or bathroom, they can be gorgeous. But the current trend of cutting them into hardwood? Uh, not so much. I think the novelty will wear thin pretty quick.

trend 4


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