Giving back to our neighbours! #ParkdaleFoodCentre #FillTheFreezer

I met with the folks at Parkdale Food Centre a few weeks ago to see how I could help there and they suggested I host a Fill the Freezer event. That’s where you get a group together to cook food that you will leave behind for those who need it. They supply the kitchen; you supply the ingredients.

So I booked two events: one was Friday the 13th and the other will be on April 27th. I posted it on our Carling realtor page for Royal LePage Team and quite a few realtors volunteered for the different events. I also put out a call on social media and got a couple of volunteers from there as well.

Today we made two kinds of soup: carrot-ginger and creamy potato-leek, and for $ 60 worth of ingredients, we made 54 containers of beautiful soup for our neighbours.

Here we are (L to R), Angela, Kevin Drew (from my office); Winn; me (in the red apron), Shelagh MacDonald (again from my office) and Marlene. Missing is Tara Shields, also from my office, who was on the phone in another room when this shot was taken. (I won’t use last names to protect the privacy of the folks I met on Twitter.)

Parkdale 3

And look at the beautiful soup we made for our neighbours! The potato leek soup was topped off with sour cream and chives and everything was popped fresh into the freezer.


If you would like to do a Fill the Freezer event, contact Alissa Campbell at the Parkdale Food Centre. When we do the next one on the 27th, one of my friends is bringing her two kids: children are welcome!

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