Before and after – this gorgeous Hunt Club townhouse is now staged (and listed for sale!) SOLD! $ 15k OVER ASKING!

Here are some of the “before and after” shots of the lovely freehold townhouse I’ve been getting ready for sale:  it’s now active!  I listed it this afternoon around 3 PM and we’ve already had four requests for showings, so it’s going to be a busy listing!

By the time I first saw this house, this wonderful shell light in the living room had been moved over to the dining room and hung above the dining room table. I thought it was a great  light fixture, but it was a little too big for the space. I suggested we replace it with a drum shade chandelier instead, and you can see that below. The owners had also moved that storage unit downstairs to use as a TV stand. Here’s the before:

LR 2

And here’s the after. The biggest transformation was simply re-arranging the furniture (and of course, replacing that carpet with hardwood). We got an incredible bargain on the hardwood at $ 2.75/sq ft at Home Depot (for solid birch). I purchased the carpet from SmartChoice Furniture in Vanier for $ 150 — I had been renting it from them for all my stagings and finally decided I should buy it. Art and cushions are all from HomeSense.

Royal 5A

The dining room really didn’t need much except for that new light fixture I mentioned. I hung a painting over the fireplace, instead of the mirror. The mirror was a great size and would have worked as well, or even better, but we had just painted this room with Behr Mortar (a light blue grey) and I didn’t want to have to use big screws and damage the wall to hang a  heavy mirror. Here’s the before:

LR 1

And here’s the after. The small oil painting is by a local Ottawa artist and it’s rich with saturated colours, like a little gem on the wall. (Those ottomans under the window were moved to the basement.)  I would have put something on the wall beside the dining room table but there isn’t much room behind the chairs, and I didn’t want the kids bumping into it.  And there’s the light fixture – around $ 100 at Rona. I love it.


In this before shot, the kitchen was really just cluttered, and the ceramic tile floor had cracked, so we replaced it with that same gorgeous hardwood that is elsewhere on the main level. (This picture was taken before the sellers reconfigured the space to move the fridge where the microwave was – it’s a much more functional space than it was.)

kitchen 1

Here’s the after: huge improvement! (That photograph on the wall was a gift from a friend who knew how much I love Prague.)Royal 8

The master bedroom really surprised me when I first saw it – it had the biggest bed I’d ever seen! That king size bed was  pretty much overwhelming the space. I suggested taking off the foot board and the owners agreed: that change alone was incredible! Here’s the before:


And here’s the after. The lamps came from HomeSense – at $ 60 each, they were a bargain and they carry forward that drum shade theme that you’ll see elsewhere in the house for cohesion. Those are my curtains; they have a Moroccan pattern on them that also carries through another  theme I’ve used in this staging.

Royal 9D

Now, here is that  ensuite I’ve been blogging about. This is what it looked like the first time I saw it — notice the wood trim at the top. When Alex, my tradesman, and I saw that, we knew it spelled trouble. You can’t have something porous like wood in a shower. That whole surround had to be pulled down and sure enough, it had leaked.

Royal Oak tub surround BEF

I won’t repeat all the stages involved in fixing the surround — I’ve blogged about the work Alex did on this shower in my previous posts — but it’s nice and watertight now, and look at the transformation! I pulled in the dark blue from the bedspread in the accent towels and art. That bedding is from Quilts — around $ 70 including shams–and also has that shade of tan that’s on the bathroom walls in the pattern,  so the ensuite and MBR work beautifully together now. Here’s the after. Gorgeous!

Royal 10

The foyer felt very cramped and dark to me. I don’t have a “before” picture, but the closet doors were old vinyl sliders that had seen better days (the tracks were rusted out) and the light fixture wasn’t doing anything for that space.

I asked the owners to install a new ribbon light I picked up for them  (it was $ 97 at Lowes), and Alex installed new ceramic tile flooring I picked out (I think it was around $ 1.00 sq ft from Home Depot). Mirror Works installed these wonderful mirrored doors (around $ 450, including installation). Beautiful – and it looks and feels twice the size!

Royal 1

And remember those two big ottomans from the living room?  What do you think of them now? Pretty nice basement, I’d say! The art and cushions are all from HomeSense except for the two black and white pillows. I picked up the covers at Fabricland for $ 8 each. I can’t remember where I got the inserts, but they weren’t expensive.

Royal 15C

And there’s that storage unit I mentioned. Much  better down here, I think!

Royal 15

I also staged the mantel. One of the prints is by Rene Rivard, a local artist; another was done for me by Lauren Amelia Redding, who does silver point  drawings (the drawings tarnish over time, it’s lovely!), and it’s a picture of a character from one of my novels. The black iron crow is a favourite of mine; I brought that one from home. I think this whole room looks amazing!

Royal 15B

We had seven offers on this property, which sold for $ 15K over asking, so the owners’ investment in updates more than paid off! They’re thrilled!


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