Completing a reno to get ready for resale – work on the bathroom continues!

As you know, I am helping to get a clients’ townhouse ready for sale. I posted a couple of weeks ago about the bathroom tub surround in the ensuite that we had to redo because it hadn’t been installed properly.

Instead of tile going all the way to the top of the surround, the tradesman they used had installed a strip of wood. And since wood is porous, as soon as Alex Martinez, who was working at the time to install hardwood, pointed it out to me I agreed it was a problem, and so did the clients. He pulled off the tiles and this is what we found.

ayesha 12

The black parts of the fibreglass show the water damage; it was already leaking.

ayesha 13There were several other problems with this installation. First of all, drywall had been used  instead of a mold-resistant board, and drywall is porous, as is grout, so eventually, if you use it, you’ll have water damage.

Also, there shouldn’t be fibreglass insulation behind the tile/drywall. Fibreglass insulation absorbs water and isn’t normally used in an interior wall at all. In a bathroom, you might want to have insulation to muffle noise, in which case you wouldn’t use fibreglass but styrofoam or spray in insulation.

And finally, the jacuzzi tub hadn’t been secured properly either. It rocked from side to side, and eventually the plumbing attached to it would have leaked.

We had some delays while the homeowners got a quote on what it would cost to replace the tub altogether and install a new one, but they finally decided to keep it. With that decision made, Alex removed the insulation and I was happy to see that there was no water damage to the drywall behind it.

16 oak 4

He secured the tub properly (it was a bit tricky because of where the studs were), and then he put up greenboard, which is a mold-resistant board; waterproofed the corners and sprayfoamed the cracks. Tomorrow, he’ll get started on tiling! Here’s where things are at now:

16 oak 1

I picked out a 3″ x 16″ white subway tile that will be stacked instead of staggered. There it is, along with the new hardwood and tile we installed elsewhere. We have yet to make a decision as to what colour grout to use; I’m tempted to go with a light gray and show off the grout lines. But it’s going to be nice. Stay tuned for more pictures!




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