Renovations: Before and after shots of the hardwood flooring/tiles

With the homeowners on their way back to Ottawa, Alex got busy! He managed to finish the hardwood floors and tile, and what a difference! Here’s the before and after shots, starting with the hallway (note the new baseboard – we also painted the walls with Behr Mortar):

ayesha 9


At .85 cents a tile, you have to love the new entry! The original tiles were cracked, so Alex put down a new subfloor. (I actually came in when Alex was about to put down the transition and asked him to swing it around so the dark part of the board was to the left, so that it matched better. Where it was, the light caught it from the overhead fixture and made it look lighter than the planks. Now it’s perfect! )

Here’s the living room before and after (and remember that stack of hardwood is hiding the fireplace). The fireplace still needs a touch-up of paint because the painter couldn’t get to it with all that wood there.  We wanted to get the paint done before the floors were replaced so that we didn’t have to deal with tarps.

ayesha 2





That same entry way tile is in the hearth (the tiles there had lifted). I love the way Alex mitred around the hearth with the hardwood. Lovely work, and again, note all the new baseboards.

Here’s the area by the staircase:

ayesha 3


And here’s the kitchen! The original tiles were badly cracked. Alex put down a new subfloor before laying the hardwood. So much better!

ayesha 1


A lovely job as always, and hard to beat the price of that hardwood ($2.75/sq ft from Home Depot)! Next, the two bathrooms – stay tuned!



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2 Responses to Renovations: Before and after shots of the hardwood flooring/tiles

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the renovations !

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