The renovation continues: here’s the before and “during”photos!

So in yesterday’s blog post, I shared some photos of my clients’ home at the early stages of renovations; I popped by on Saturday afternoon, after a showing, and here’s where things are at now:

This is the kitchen “before,”  with the cracked tile floor and (to me) a very industrial look; here’s the “almost” after with the new hardwood installed. All that’s left to do now is re-install the toe-kicks , new baseboard/trim,  and a side piece to the cabinet:

ayesha 7

ayesha 16

Here’s the hallway when it was carpeted; now it’s all lovely hardwood. The tiles in the foyer were to be installed Sunday, as they were cracked, so Alex was putting down a new plywood sub-floor to prevent that from happening again.

ayesha 9


ayesha 18

Here is the living room, before the new hardwood and paint colour. The stack of boxed hardwood is hiding the fireplace.

ayesha 2


And here it is with the new paint colour. The painter has to come back to paint the fireplace surround, which he couldn’t get to because of all those boxes of hardwood. It does let you see the difference between the serene colour it is now and the yellow it was before.

ayesha 14


ayesha 19

Isn’t that lovely?

Alex was going to lay the tile on Sunday in the foyer and in front of the hearth so he could grout it after New Year’s.  We’ve just found out our home-owners are coming home a little earlier than we expected — they’ll be back tomorrow (Tuesday) so there will be a bit of a scramble to get the home at least liveable for their return!

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