Socks sorted and delivered – we’re done! #SockittoChristmas #Day26

We brought in all our bins of socks today (except those at Critter Jungle, which is running a separate “socks for raffle ticket” draw right up to Christmas Eve). So thank you to Freshii, and Global Pet Foods, and Cake and Shake, and Dovercourt Recreation Centre, for all of your help in hosting these final bins.

We ended up with 1215 pairs of socks and $ 600 (which is enough for Parkdale Food Centre to buy 200 pairs of socks). Cutting Parkdale a cheque was easy. Sorting 1,000 or so socks today was a lot harder!

Huge thanks to Marina Doran, Gaelan Gordon, Molly Hoyle, Catherine Duncan, and Claude Jobin, who helped me to take the socks out of the packages and sort them according to size and weight and whether they were men’s, women’s or children’s. Here we were, laughing and having fun, as if we were at a quilting bee — it was really a lot of fun (we even had a sock fight!).


Marina brought this wonderful sock monkey for me as a Christmas gift and he perched on the couch while we worked – it will be such a treasured gift, and thank you so much!



And this is what 1,000 plus socks look like, all bagged up!



We sent three bags of heavy socks to Critter Jungle to take to  The Mission; all the women’s and children’s socks went to Parkdale along with the money, and everything went to Good Shepherds of Hope, where Molly and Claude volunteer. Here’s a picture of them at Good Shepherds with seven big bags of socks!

socks 4

So over all, I really do have to say it was a very successful sock drive – thanks to all of you who wrapped bins, found raffle prizes, identified drop-off locations, picked up boxes, delivered them, numbered raffle tickets, sold raffle tickets, collected socks and helped to sort them — I think we can all feel good knowing we’ve helped so many people feel better.

I received a lovely note from Alissa Campbell, the Coordinator of the Parkdale Food Centre,  today that reads in part:

On behalf of all of us at PFC, I wanted to extend a huge thanks for supporting our Soup and Socks campaign this year. Your energy was contagious! And your contribution so generous. Thanks in large part to your contribution we were able to provide warm socks to all our neighbours over the month of December.

Thank you for rallying the generosity and energy of the neighbourhood, we are so appreciative. When the socks arrived we were mid-workshop with a group of grade 6 students who helped us carry everything in and hand some out to neighbours, it was lots of fun.

And this one from a volunteer of ours, Joseph Assaad, that shows how helping our neighbours helps us build a community:

Thank you Peggy. It was an opportunity to meet wonderful people … Karen Secord gave me a tour, to a happy place, introduced me to chef Simon Bell, ( I may go show them some healthy Lebanese cooking, fast and easy some Wednesday), I got all excited about the prospect of helping this food centre as I now know a place and people).
In the summer, I hope to bring some produce from my garden and I encourage everyone to try the same.
Thank you Peggy.
It snow balls and cause a beautiful avalanche.

So, here’s a big thanks from me to all of you who helped Sock it to Christmas!!!! Sock it to Christmas update and thank you

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