AND IT’S OVER! Day #25 #SockittoChristmas #OurFinalDrawWinners

We had our final raffle draw tonight and congrats to Robyn Oliviero of Dominion Lending who won six cakes from Hollands Cake and Shake (she dropped off 60 pairs of socks today; I’m glad she won something!).  Molly Hoyle  won a gift certificate to 10Fourteen Bar;  Catherine Whyte  won a gift certificate to Whispers;  Ravinder Tumber  won a three day juice cleanse from Freshii Westboro; Leslie Williams won a bracelet and bling clips from Twiss and Weber– all realtors with my office–and Cathy Macdonald  of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa won a gorgeous framed photograph of Westboro Beach by Nancy Mooney!

As of our last count, we had received over 700 pairs of socks at my office alone and there are more yet to come from four other drop-offlocations — Phoenix Boxing, Freshii, Dovercourt Recreation Centre and Global Pet Foods. We will be picking up those bins tomorrow morning so we can sort them and figure out where everything is going. Our women’s and children’s socks are going to Parkdale Food Centre for sure; the heavyweight socks are going to the Mission and the Shepherds of Good Hope and we will probably send the lightweight men’s socks there as well.

We have also collected around $ 550 in cash; $350 of which we’ve passed on to Parkdale Foods along with around 300 pairs of socks on Monday. (Bearing in mind that Parkdale Food Centre can buy three pairs of men’s socks for $10, that’s another 150 socks.) I’m hoping we hit 1,000 pairs; I’ll keep you posted!

A huge thanks to those of you helped with this drive and particularly Theresa SeguinEric KalbfleischJennifer ForwardCarol SinclairMonica FloresJoseph Assaad Molly Hoyle Rosemary O’Brian, Marina Doran, and Steph Briscoe who helped wrap and deliver bins, number and cut raffle tickets and sort and bag socks, (and in the case of Stephanie, make our banner) and helped make this drive so successful. Also huge thanks to Catherine Duncan and Jenn Goldie for their help finding drop-off locations and prizes for the raffle.

I do want to acknowledge our donors – Freshii Westboro, Environics Communications (and Greg MacEachern), Whispers Pub, 10Fourteen, Twiss and Weber, Holland’s Cake and Shake, Nancy Mooney,  Petit Bill’s Bistro, Fresh Air Experience and the anonymous donor who donated the chocolate gift basket. Thank you for your enormous kindness and for  stepping up to the plate on such short notice and letting us raffle off such amazing prizes!

Thanks also to Chris Weissbach of Phoenix Boxing Club, Mike Holland of Cake and Shake, Catherine McKenna, Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Karla Briones and the folks at Royal LePage Team Realty for letting us use your spaces for our bins, many thanks!

And of course to all of you who were so generous with your donations!

There are two drop-off locations that will still be accepting sock donations until Christmas Eve – one is at Critter Jungle at Hampton Park and one at Critter Jungle on Orleans Blvd. Each pair of socks gets you a raffle ticket that  will be entered into a draw for a gift certificate for one of local artist Frank Van Boxtel’s gorgeous commissioned pet portraits. I’m turning that one over to Frank to finish up; after we sort socks tomorrow, my role will be over.

I’ll post final numbers for all the other bins sometime tomorrow or Friday and thanks again, Ottawa , for helping us Sock it to Christmas!



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