Sock it to Christmas! #Day21 We have socks!!!!

I started sorting socks today – we have 445 pairs at my office now, which is incredible! My pal, Steve Benson (another realtor, formerly of my office and now with Capital Homes/Wellington Street Partners), dropped by with 25 of them while I was working my way through them.


The breakdown is 308  pairs for men, 111 for women and the other 36 pairs are kids sizes so I know Parkdale Food Centre will be happy – they really need those women’s and children’s socks.

We also have cash donations coming in (I think we are close to $ 500) so we should be able to cut them a nice cheque as well. Remember, each $10 buys three pairs of socks!

Huge thanks to CBC Radio In Town and Out – Teri Loreto was kind enough to interview me this morning. If you missed it, here’s the link – I really enjoyed our chat and it had an impact – I had four people contact me to ask about volunteering, another person ask where he could drop off socks and yet another ask me how to go about donating cash. (That part is simple – email me and I will connect you with Jenn Goldie, who is accepting e-transfers on our behalf.)

Once again, here are our locations  — the Popup Gallery at 1318 Wellington is only accepting socks until 3 PM tomorrow. We’ll be picking up the bin then and drawing our first raffle tickets at 4 PM – good luck! NOTE: ALL OUR OTHER DROP OFF LOCATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTING SOCKS UNTIL THURSDAY NOON AND CRITTER JUNGLE WILL ACCEPT THEM RIGHT UP UNTIL DEC 24TH.

Cake and Shake 229 Armstrong (drop off only)

Catherine McKenna, MP, Constituency Office, 120 Catherine St. (drop off only)

Critter Jungle,  Hampton Park Plaza (drop off and raffle tickets – Orleans location is also accepting socks, 1605 Orleans Blvd)

Dovercourt Recreation Centre, 411 Dovercourt (drop off only)

Freshii Westboro 342 Richmond Road (drop off and raffle tickets)

Global Pet Foods 1204 Wellington (drop off and raffle tickets)

Phoenix Boxing Club 321 King Edward (drop off only)

Pop-up Ottawa (1318 Wellington until Sunday Dec 17 at 3 PM –  drop off only)

Royal LePage Team Realty 1335 Carling  (drop off and raffle tickets)

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