More happy clients!

Always nice to get a testimonial from happy clients and I have to say I really enjoyed working with this couple! Here’s what they had to say:

Thank you very much Peggy, it was a real pleasure working with you!  I’m in the military and I’ve bought and sold more than a few houses, and I can honestly say that I have never worked with a real estate agent quite like Peggy before; hard to imagine saying this, and this is a first… it was fun!

Peggy went above and beyond, took charge, told us exactly what we needed to do for a quick sale, and even went shopping for a few little things that put the finishing touches on a beautifully staged home.  As a result our home sold quickly for top dollar without conditions.

It would be our pleasure to recommend Peggy to anyone selling their home.

Very happy customers, Mike & Carolina.

Well, it really was a lot of fun staging this house and it sold quickly, so I’m happy that Mike and Carolina were pleased with my services.

Here are some pics of what I did to get their home ready!

In the main powder room, which you see almost as soon as you enter the home, I noticed that there were a couple of bronze accents, namely the towel bar and the toilet roll holder, both of which had little bronze leaves at the ends. And look what I found! I picked up this bronze wall hanging at HomeSense for around $15. It couldn’t have fit the space more beautifully.

That and the towels and a few small accessories really set off this room and the little bronze accent set the tone for the entire staging.

wisteria powder room

The new flush mount light in the kitchen has a bronze metal touch (Rona, $ 90 on sale) and there are bronze notes in the painting of those birches as well. I bought that painting years ago at HomeSense and it’s one of my favourites – I’ve staged probably a dozen homes with it and it goes with almost every decor. Other than that, this room was about moving furniture and re-configuring things a little, but mostly decluttering.

Wisteria 4

The new hanging light over the DR table matches the one in the kitchen (Rona, $ 120).  The bowl on the table was another purchase I made at HomeSense (around $ 15 as well), because the blue and bronze colours really pulled the scheme together.  That artwork with the feathers is one I often use: it goes well with the birch painting, both from HomeSense.

wisteria 3

The base to the lamp by the sofa is also bronze, as was one of the picture frames for the two Toti silkscreen prints hanging over the sofa (all those came from my own home). I was glad when the house sold and I could get my pictures back over my bed where they usually hang!

Wisteria LR 5

Upstairs, there was an electric fireplace in the open loft. I put a narrow bronze vase on the mantel that I also picked up at HomeSense, $ 7. The painting above the mantel was done by Frank Van Boxtel, a local artist — he was kind enough to loan it to me for staging. It worked beautifully with the colour scheme. I love it; if I had space for it at home, I would have bought it from him.

Wisteria loft

The master bedroom and bathroom were staged very lightly: I put a quilt and shams in the bedroom (Quilts: $ 60) and hung this lovely painting (HomeSense $ 40).

Wisteria MBR

I staged the bathroom with these lovely Moroccan print towels in green and white, which picked up the green in the loft and in that painting in the bedroom. You’ll see my trademark glass bowl of roses: I love putting these in bathrooms, so elegant!

The print over the toilet is one of the rare times I’ve been able to find an original signed piece of artwork at HomeSense, Bayshore – it was all of $ 18 on sale and believe me, I use it a lot!

Wisteria main bath 2

All in all, the property showed very well.  There’s nothing like working with nice people; Mike and Carolina were terrific. It really was fun!

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