The beauty of good design ….#Glebe

I saw a new listing this past week on MLS that I absolutely loved. The property is in the Glebe and it’s listed by Andy and Paddy McCarthy of Royal LePage Team Realty (I work for Royal LePage Team as well but in another office). I liked the looks of it so much that I asked Andy if I could blog about some of his clients’ design choices using some of his interior pictures, and the seller was kind enough to agree.

First of all, it’s a semi-detached red brick Victorian listed at $ 849,900. The exterior of this home is gorgeous, and shows how timeless good design was back when it was built in 1900. How lovely!

Glebe 8

But it’s the interior decor choices that I thought were so stunning.

For example,  check out the wall of mirrors in this dining room. They are all different shapes and sizes and introduce a strong design element. I love the eclectic nature of this room – it melds modern industrial with vintage beautifully. Check out the raw edge of the wooden table, the banquette, the mid-century chairs: I love everything about this room, and it proves that you can mix furniture from different eras.

Glebe 2

That same sense of whimsy finds its way into the kitchen. Note how the backsplash and floor have a similar pattern (repetition is a big part of the design in this lovely home).  The little decorative touch of black-and-white accents in the note holders attached to the side of the cupboards make this colour scheme pop. Black-and-white is a timeless palette, but it’s those three little polka dotted accents that to me make this room special.

Glebe 4

I love the four rows of art in the living room. You could do this with art, family photos, or photographs: the key is that all the frames and mats should be the same size.

I am also a big fan of hanging two pieces of art one above the other or side by side, as the seller does here. And look how the wall above the fireplace becomes a feature that draws the eye with a darker grey-blue paint colour, picked up in the sofa cushions and art.

Glebe 1

I love the artwork, curtains and orange polka dots in this gorgeous children’s room (and isn’t that the best child’s crib ever?):

Glebe 6

Glebe 5

A mid-century Arne Jacobsen chair again adds vintage style but is also practical, as are the tidy rows of baskets for storage.

I adore the wallpaper in this bedroom closet, and that sunburst mirror just highlights its pattern. It repeats the themes we’ve seen elsewhere in this house, pulling everything together. I could build a whole colour palette just off that wallpaper!

Glebe 7

Seriously, what a gorgeous house!

With Andy’s help, the seller not only gave permission to me to use the photos of the interior but also to put up her blog link (she blogs about design, no surprise there!), so here it is and thanks, Andy, for facilitating!

If you want to see more of the inside of this beautiful house, there’s a video on Youtube, posted below. And if you happen to be looking in buy a home in Glebe, please do contact me — I’d be more than happy to arrange a viewing. I’d like to see it in person myself!


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