More staging results!

This is a lovely semi-detached that I staged for sale – we’ve had dozens of showings and are currently working on an offer.

This is the living room: I asked the home owner if they could remove two large bookcase/storage units on either side of the TV and that opened the room right up.

I picked up the rug at SmartChoice Furniture for $ 149 and I absolutely love it – it looks like needlepoint, and works with everything. The cushions on the couch are a mixture of ones I’ve collected over time: silk and shaggy (the latter is from HomeSense: if you look at my last post, you’ll see its mate on the other house I just staged and listed).

The two  black and white cushions on the little chairs are there for graphic impact – I bought the covers at Fabricland on sale a few years ago for less than $ 5/each and bought the cushion inserts.

The art is all mine: the photograph of Prague was a gift from a friend. I firmly believe that each room should have a graphic “punch” of colour or black and white so the photographs pop. (Those two little pictures on the wall, by the way, were all of $ 15 at HomeSense and I use them a lot: they look expensive.) The green and light blue silk pillow came out of my own home: I’d run out of staging items!

clyde 1A

clyde 1C

The dining room needed a new light fixture: I picked this modern one up at Rona and absolutely love it too. Works with traditional and contemporary and looks like a very expensive light but it wasn’t!  Cost? Less than $ 150.

If you’ve seen my stagings before, you’ll recognize the artwork on the wall – it’s by a local artist and I use it all the time. I also try to always put out a bowl of pears: these ones are wooden, and again came from home, along with the glass bowl.  The little aloe plants on the window ledge were from Superstore, $ 5 each and the planter on the window was from HomeSense, around $ 30.

clyde 3

The main bath had great bones but needed a little boost. I put in a waffle shower curtain with decorator hooks and hung this great Indian mirror on the wall (HomeSense, $ 40). A few soap dishes and soaps and it looks amazing. (I showed the homeowner how to fold her towels for maximum impact as well.) I always put a nice floral in a bathroom; this is one of my favourites – a glass vase of roses.

clyde 12A

The powder room was actually more work! The towel bar was broken: I replaced it and the toilet roll bar with ones from Umbra, purchased at HomeSense. The light fixture had been hung upside down; we fixed that. We took down an old mirror and put up one with a lovely frame. And a cupboard on the wall that took up space was removed; the whole room was painted. The artwork is from a trip I took to Nice, from the farmer’s market. And you’ll see what I mean about the towels.

clyde 5

Finally, the bedrooms! The master, when I first saw it had a huge ceiling fan and blinds, which made the room very dark. I asked the sellers if they could remove the ceiling fan (it always sends a message to me that your A/C isn’t working!)  and they also removed the blinds.  The room is now so bright it’s incredible!

My client had white bedding – I dressed it up with a quilt set and a grey silk pillow. The art above the bed was a new purchase from HomeSense, I liked the fact it was almost abstract, even though it’s a floral, and even though the quilted bedding was blue and yellow (as well as white and black and grey), it worked. The vases are all from HomeSense.

clyde 6

The last room to get a make over was the little guest bedroom. The client had the bedding and it was such a strong print that I decided to do very little. I bought the artwork for $38 at HomeSense and I love it; it’s an abstract that when you step away becomes birch trees – just stunning! The graphic design on the little pillow (remember – always have one item to draw the eye) works beautifully: that was a Lowes sale ($ 15).

clyde 12


And so, with a mixture of high (mostly the art) and low, we really came up with a staging that shows this home off beautifully. It looks curated, as if all these items have been collected over time, which in fact, they have, so it doesn’t look or feel staged. All our agent comments have been positive — it shows very well.


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