Staging works! Another example.

I helped a friend get a townhouse ready for renting over the weekend. It’s an older unit in a complex where two other units are also for rent. So the first thing we agreed was that the rent needed to be lower than theirs. And I decided it could use a little staging.

On a rental, it’s not worth staging the entire property: it would be prohibitively expensive. But you can do a lot in a kitchen and baths, and in a few key areas.

Here are my before and afters.

There is a beautiful wood-burning fireplace in the living room but nothing to show it off as a focal point. Nothing fancy – a few vases, a plant and a picture and what a difference!




The main floor powder room was convenient and cute, just needed to be dressed up a little to show it off.



Same with the upstairs MBR ensuite. I don’t have a “before” picture, but I can show you how I changed my mind about having a white shower curtain and went with something with more interest.

I hung the white shower curtain first but then I thought it didn’t really do much for the room. Better, but not enough.

The shower and tub surround is made up of beige tiles with peachy-red accents and looked a bit dated. While the white shower curtain hid the surround, the new one works with those accents and makes the room seem more modern. (You’ll note how I picked up the peachy-red in the floral arrangement as well.) Since the MBR has a light teal cupboard, I used a shower curtain that had a similar tone it as well.



Much more interesting, don’t you think?

I didn’t do much with the kitchen, but it had a couple of open areas above and beside the fridge that I thought were a little odd, so I staged them with  a wooden tray, some interesting vases and cookbooks to draw the eye away from the white spaces.


And then I popped in a few accessories on the counters and to dress up the empty shelves and add a little life.

Did it work?

Well, we’ve had four or five showings already; there was a showing this morning with someone who is very interested and we have a realtor showing tonight. So I would say yes, definitely!


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