Renos done and this townhouse is on the market!

This unit was listed for sale today and I think it looks fantastic. Josh and Ryan did a fabulous job painting it top to bottom. It was always an extremely well maintained home and now it’s in even more pristine condition.

Here’s the before of the kitchen with that gorgeous fireplace and built-ins. I painted out the brass surround on the fireplace; it was quite discoloured and really dated what should be a stunning feature. I used a Tremclad high heat resistant black paint that Josh was kind enough to pick up for me. Honestly, I used a thimble full; the can cost about  $ 25 incl. taxes but I have enough to last a lifetime.


Here’s the after:



The dining room really only needed a coat of paint and some staging: here’s the before (note the gorgeous plaster medallion):


And here’s the after. I took this shot late last night; believe me during the daytime, it’s super bright and fresh.


I’m very  proud of the way the living room turned out. And remember, those are 9’6″ ceilings! I rented the furniture from SmartChoice in Vanier; they are terrific to deal with. (Thanks, Jose and Sylvie!)


One design choice I was also very glad I made was to paint the railings on those gorgeous spindle staircases a soft satin black. The first black we chose was too light; almost charcoal, but Josh and Ryan went back and found a nice rich, basic black that worked perfectly. Those railings  really pop now!  (Before they were painted, the wood was quite faded and worn in places.) Honestly, that gorgeous millwork is the first thing you see when you walk in. Really lovely.


The upstairs bathroom was another fun transformation. Amazing what a little paint and a new shower curtain can do! This room has a skylight, so it’s incredibly bright. And it also has a cheater door to the master bedroom. Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:


I’d post more pics but WordPress is giving me a hard time. So I’ll finish this post with these two: that green bedroom is now a serene light gray as is the rest of the house. All the trades who worked on this property loved the colour. It’s called “Intense White” by Benjamin Moore. It may be my new go-to neutral. Sometimes it has a blue undertone, sometimes beige, sometimes lavender, sometimes green, depending on the light. It’s complex but fresh and goes with everything.



Again, huge  thanks to Chad Patrick and his team: Josh and Ryan, and Brent, Chad’s brother, who worked really hard to get this property ready. (I was there last night to finish staging and take some pictures,  and Brent showed up while I was there with his girlfriend to do some odds and ends for me — talk about dedicated!)

If you are looking for a gorgeous three bedroom/two bath townhouse in Sandy Hill with lovely high ceilings, incredible period charm but a modern, contemporary flare, call me! I just listed it at $ 425K. It has  private parking, a private deck, private balcony, two skylights, finished basement, hardwood floors, 9’6″ ceilings, it really is lovely  … this property will not disappoint! (And no condo fees!)  NOTE: It is an estate sale, so estate conditions apply.

UPDATE: I’m happy to say that we listed this property on Friday, had multiple offers and four days later, it is conditionally sold!

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